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Boost Your Implementations with the Leader In Customer Onboarding Software

Customer retention and churn prevention start at the beginning of a customer’s journey with your company during customer onboarding. The initial interactions between your customer, product, and Customer Success team establish the groundwork to jumpstart success (or accelerate failure).

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What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer Onboarding is the crucial yet often overlooked portion of the customer journey between sales and go-live. During the onboarding phase, new customers are educated about recently purchased products or services and provided with a detailed step-by-step process to implement their product or service.

The concept of customer onboarding is still relatively new and has only existed for a few years. When Peter Ord founded GUIDEcx in 2017, the category of customer onboarding did not exist. As a result of Ord’s vision and innovation to create a transparent onboarding process that reduced friction and drove efficiency, GUIDEcx gained enough visibility to create the customer onboarding category.

Before introducing purpose-built customer onboarding software to the marketplace, project managers and onboarders relied on the tedious and confusing task of using spreadsheets to track projects. With the GUIDEcx, PMs now have one central place to organize the entire customer onboarding process – and a lot fewer headaches! Customer onboarding software works because it is efficient and easy to track. It’s time to invest in industry-leading implementation software that will onboard customers quickly, efficiently, and smoothly.

Benefits of a Customer Onboarding Software

Improve Customer Experience
Deliver Projects Faster & Better
Scale w/o adding Headcount
See Everything at a Glance
Create Transparent Implementation
Decrease Churn & gain Loyalty

Is GUIDEcx Right for You? Do you…

  • Struggle to onboard clients or complete implementations with consistency and on time
  • Have pressure to increase the number of projects your project manager or implementation managers can handle
  • Spend a good part of your week following up and reminding clients to complete tasks, provide information, or send status updates
  • Struggle to hold your customers accountable for the work they need to do during implementation
  • Spend hours providing manual updates and in meetings answering status update questions about when your new customers will be fully onboarded

Powerful, Purposeful, Seamless Integrations

Connect 1,000+ applications to GUIDEcx so you can increase automation and keep projects simple.

Are you looking for a guide in customer onboarding? The GUIDEcx customer onboarding platform can help automate common onboarding activities and encourage your customers to embrace your product to position them for long-term success.

GUIDEcx Empowers Our Customers To Realize:


Reduction in Onboarding Time


Increase in Project Manager Capacity


Fewer Onboarding Meetings


On-time Delivery Rate when 5+ Users are Invited

GUIDEcx Is Leading The Client Onboarding Software Category

Our customers love us for our customer service and how we enable our users to engage their customers. See how we specialize in customer onboarding, task management, and project management.

What Our Customers Are Saying on G2

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Industries We Help Guide


Easily track and manage projects, shorten timelines, and deliver results faster, so you make a good first impression every time.


Get HealthTech stakeholders on the same page and keep them there, even during the most complex implementation processes.


Project transparency and accurate delivery timelines help manage expectations so everyone feels like the smartest person in the room.


Get a new client onboarding process that runs like a well-oiled machine—even when you are managing multiple stakeholders and tracking complex tasks.


Trust is your currency in the financial services industry, and we can help you build it with complete project transparency.

“​​I appreciate their commitment to SaaS and being a people-centered tool first. I scoured all the different tools to find one that would work best to bring together all our key stakeholders and let them collaborate on a project plan together. GUIDEcx was the only tool that I could find that accomplished everything I was looking for in a project management tool. GUIDEcx is tailored to the way we do customer onboarding and I have not found a better tool on the market. They are the best at what they do.”

– Caleb Z.

300k+ Projects Successfully Completed on GUIDEcx

Join the ranks of companies providing stellar customer onboarding experiences.

Why GUIDEcx?

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