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We kept hearing—from professionals in all different industries—that when they purchase software or business solutions, the sales-to-implementation process wasn’t working.

It got us thinking.

You can order a new TV and track it from the warehouse to your porch and every step in between. You know exactly what you are getting and when. Why can’t you do the same with a business product or service?

about guidecx

We believe client onboarding should be as easy as tracking a package.

GuideCX—Easy, Efficient Client Onboarding

What evolved is GuideCX®, a company committed to helping you deliver products and services more efficiently and speed up time to value for your customers.

Our client onboarding and project management platform makes it simple to invite, guide, and engage internal and customer teams on a project. Task automation, transparent project views, and quick access to tasks and status updates—through the portal, email, or mobile app—make it easy for customers to work with you.

Whether you are an SaaS company, an EdTech provider, or a design agency, GuideCX delivers the right level of visibility into the project to improve efficiencies and manage customer expectations.

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What Customers Like Best

It’s possible our customers love our customer success team even more than they love our software. Maybe it’s because our dedicated team helps them speed up time to value for their customers. Or maybe it’s because they’re just really cool people who care passionately about client onboarding. See for yourself.
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What Drives
the GuideCX Team?

We believe that when people know what to expect, they feel better. Uncertainty leads to anxiety, stress, and fractured relationships. Knowing what to expect sets people up for success—great relationships, better work, and bigger ideas.
We help our customers create the best process possible for
their clients.