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Customer Onboarding

GUIDEcx is a top-tier customer onboarding platform and solution.

Customer Onboarding Efficiency

The current economic climate demands that companies re-examine budgets and tighten resources to increase business efficiency. But how?

Well, one of the best ways for companies to improve overall efficiency is to improve the customer onboarding process. Customer onboarding is crucial and can help reduce annual churn by 30% when done well.

Project Management

Regular project management tools weren’t designed to include your clients. The best software for project management will help project managers…

  • Oversee time
  • Manage budgets
  • Scope constraints for internal teams and clients
  • Allocate time and resources

A good project managing software should give insights that help improve future projects.

Task Management

Task management software helps teams work together using task scheduling, progress reporting, and time-tracking features. It helps users keep track of the time spent on each task and helps stakeholders meet their project deadlines.

Customer Churn

Attracting new customers to your business is only half the battle; figuring out how to get those clients to stay is even more important. Retaining an existing customer is far more cost-effective than attracting a new one, so reducing customer churn is critical as much as possible.

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Customer Experience

The customer experience begins long before your clients start using your products and services. Onboarding is the first chance for your customers to see what it’s truly like to work with you; it’s your opportunity to meet (or even exceed) the expectations set forth by the sales team. If the customer service team falls short, your clients may start to think about leaving even before they’ve gotten a chance to experience your products and services fully.

GUIDEcx Is Leading The Client Onboarding Software Category

Our customers love us for our customer service and how we enable our users to engage their customers. See how we specialize in customer onboarding, task management, and project management.

Is GUIDEcx Right for You? Do you…

  • Struggle to onboard clients or complete implementations with consistency and on time
  • Have pressure to increase the number of projects your project manager or implementation managers can handle
  • Spend a good part of your week following up and reminding clients to complete tasks, provide information, or send status updates
  • Struggle to hold your customers accountable for the work they need to do during implementation
  • Spend hours providing manual updates and in meetings answering status update questions about when your new customers will be fully onboarded

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Easily track and manage projects, shorten timelines, and deliver results faster, so you make a good first impression every time.


Get HealthTech stakeholders on the same page and keep them there, even during the most complex implementation processes.


Project transparency and accurate delivery timelines help manage expectations so everyone feels like the smartest person in the room.


Get a new client onboarding process that runs like a well-oiled machine—even when you are managing multiple stakeholders and tracking complex tasks.


Trust is your currency in the financial services industry, and we can help you build it with complete project transparency.

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