Drive accountability and engagement.

Keep your customer “in the know” during all phases of the onboarding process – from purchase to delivery!

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Automated Emails from your Domain

  • Complete tasks
  • Send notes
  • Upload attachments
  • Access projects

In-app Collaboration

“GuideCX helps us establish regular communication channels between team members and project stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned and on track.”

-Leez May, CXO VEIP

Scheduled Updates & Reports

Role Based Views

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“Consistent communication with our customers without doing much leg work. Many questions getting answered before our customers ask them has saved us valuable time.”

-Verified User, G2

Powerful, Purposeful, Seamless Integrations

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Discover how GUIDEcx can help you improve efficiency by reducing your customer onboarding timeline and increasing the capacity of your project managers. Our unparalleled professional resources and unwavering commitment to excellence support our industry-leading customer onboarding solution.

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