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As a certified Gainsight integration partner, GUIDEcx is committed to helping people work better together.

Leverage the power of Gainsight – the leading customer success tool – and GUIDEcx – the best-in-class customer onboarding solution – to streamline the customer journey.

Level up customer experience across touchpoints.

Our bi-directional integration gives your success team visibility into the status and health of onboarding projects, pushing GUIDEcx data into Gainsight’s C360 experience.

Team members can quickly see key project and task details, forecasted end dates, notes, and more in the platform where they spend time.  

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Forecast and share risks

Poor onboarding results in over 20% of customer churn. Proactively manage accounts to success by tracking customer health during onboarding. Set alerts when health scores fall below a threshold to redirect efforts and mitigate risk. 

Work with your retention and success teams to set the stage for future growth. 

Gainsight Integration Benefits

Oversee Onboarding

Give teams visibility into the health and status of onboarding projects within Gainsight. 

Project and task details, forecasted end dates, notes, and more are pushed into the C360 experience.  

Gauge Customer Health

Early indicators in onboarding can prevent churn.

GUIDEcx provides a scorecard specific to onboarding by leveraging statuses and date expectations. This health score can be used to trigger alerts when projects may be at risk. 

Take Action

Proactively manage accounts to set the stage for future growth.

Onboarding specific CTAs are designed to streamline handoffs, reduce risk, and simplify the action CSMs must take during onboarding. Keep your success team focused on maintaining healthy accounts.

Help Your Teams Work Better Together

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“These days, project management tools are a dime a dozen with variable levels of customization and integration options. GuideCX has positioned itself at the top of the group, catering functionality to your workflows and providing optimal integration options to allow seamless work between internal departments and external stakeholders.”
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