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Better Customer Onboarding Starts Today with GUIDEcx

GUIDEcx was founded on the principle of creating a better customer onboarding experience. Peter Ord, CEO and co-founder of GUIDEcx, saw an opportunity to help guide people through the implementation process in an organized and efficient manner.

The act of being a guide through the customer onboarding process has always been a pillar of the company.

Behind every great piece of software and implementation process is a human being. The guiding concept really allows us to connect with our customers on a personal level. We understand your struggles because we’ve been there before, and we know how to guide you out of them. And we’re also here to celebrate your successes!

Our Guiding Pillars

We Help People Work Better Together.

Why GUIDEcx?

Is GUIDEcx Right for You? Do you…

  • Struggle to onboard clients or complete implementations with consistency and on time.
  • Have pressure to increase the number of projects your project manager or implementation managers can handle
  • Spend a good part of your week following up and reminding clients to complete tasks, provide information, or send status updates.
  • Struggle to hold your customers accountable for the work they need to do during implementation.
  • Spend hours providing manual updates and in meetings answering status update questions about when your new customers will be fully onboarded.

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Discover how GUIDEcx can help you improve efficiency by reducing your customer onboarding timeline and increasing the capacity of your project managers. Our unparalleled professional resources and unwavering commitment to excellence support our industry-leading customer onboarding solution.

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