GUIDEcx Pricing

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A single license of GUIDEcx starts at $143 / month & includes*:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Customers

*All packages have a minimum of 4 licenses.

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$143 month / license



  • Persona-Based Project Experiences
    Get the right information to your customers… Stake holders can receive a project digests, task owners are subscribed to our focused “Compass Experience”, and power users can see a robust project plan according to your own visibility settings.
  • Vanity URL
    Vanity URL’s create brand cohesiveness. You are inviting your customers to GUIDEcx so it’s critical that they recognize who they are working with.
  • Customer Login via Magic Link
    Remove friction from providing customer visibility into the project experiences by eliminating the need for them to login.
  • Actionable emails
    Users can update task status’ by clicking on a link, add a note by replying, or access task meta-data directly from emails without ever having to login
  • Internal and External Project Chat
    Simplify coordination across teams and companies with in-app notes that seamlessly sync with email to auto-import replies back into the correct thread. Securely control visibility by marking any note as internal or external
  • Streamlined Customer Portal
    Compass is a simplified project view that makes timelines, assignments, notes, and attachments so easy that any external customer can immediately engage with you even without any training
  • Approval Flows
    Sign-offs can be gathered and documented by the mere click of a link within an email.
  • Mobile App (Apple & Android)
    Executives love the integrated push notifications built for the most time sensitive tasks (i.e. notify me when an overdue tasks causes a project to become at risk of being delivered past it’s planned launch date).
  • Intelligent Forecasted End Date
    When a task is completed early or late that is on the critical path, GUIDEcx updates how that effects on-time delivery in real time.
  • Gantt, List, and Board Views
    To expand project visibility and adapt to the way you work GUIDEcx supports multiple views of your project – Gantt, List, and Board views are standard
  • At-Risk Task Identification
    Project participants can tell you they are “Stuck” which triggers a pre-defined notification workflow to the project manager.
  • Partner Portal
    Enable your System Integrators to subscribe to templates you have built. Then you can easily manage their performance (TTV, CSAT…) and Capacity based on the desired process you’d like them to follow when running projects on behalf of your company.
  • 3rd Party Involvement
    Add partners to projects so they can subscribe to task notifications and status updates. Simplify communication and accountability by benchmarking productivity vs. SLA
  • Custom Fields
    Easily add Custom Fields manually or via our API to your project experience which can be used as “Merge Tags” within task instructions.
  • Merge Tags
    Make custom fields even more valuable by referencing them in task instructions and assignment emails. Dynamically insert their values to easily scale the personalization of messages to each customer based on their unique context
  • Report Navigator
    Sort, filter, drill, or export any part of our ever-expanding collection of standard reports so you can continue to  identify your top opportunities for improvement
  • Scheduled Reports
    Reporting becomes much more valuable when focus is driven by actionable alerts. Set thresholds so you are notified any time a  metric falls below a desired level so you can manage by exception. Set a recurring cadence for email delivery of any report so you can review the latest details from the convenience of your main inbox
  • Knowledge Base
    Search across documentation articles with detailed instructions and visual examples on how to use any feature. Engage with peers in our active user community at to trade tips and tricks or vote on feature request ideas.
  • Support Tickets
    Easily submit questions and requests directly from the in-app support portal. Track the prompt resolution status of any ticket so we can fulfill our promise to keep your experience  reliable and delightful at any tier



includes Starter, plus: 

  • Native Integrations
    Easily activate proven GUIDEcx integrations valued for years by thousands of users for systems like Gainsight, Jira, Slack, and all leading CRM systems
  • HubSpot Marketplace CRM Cards
    GUIDEcx is listed and officially approved in the HubSpot App Marketplace. Bi-directional data flows have passed tests around the most stringent security requirements so that projects are automatically created for any closed won deal. Progress updates are also seamless in the deal pages where your sales and leadership teams are already focused
  • Salesforce App Exchange Integration
    The managed package for GUIDEcx is listed and approved on the Salesforce App Exchange. This means we have passed the most stringent Salesforce security standards and we have a bi-directional data flow.
  • Integration Builder (Native iPaaS Solution)
    Customize an extensive community library of  recipes to auto-complete tasks, pull in data from external systems, update project information, or sync updates back to those external systems. The sky is the limit. A connected process is an optimized process.
  • Integration Professional Services
    Our in-house integration experts are the best of the best and can you you optimize your integration recipes and automation jobs
  • API Access
    Your data is your data. You have easy and complete access to get or post any changes through
  • Named CSM
    While our technology is world class, many value our expertise and advice just as much. Our Customer Success team has lived the challenges GUIDEcx solves. Their deep experience will help you improve your CX strategy.
  • Live Support Chat
    We pride ourselves in being helpful and responsive. Have a questions; simply just shoot us a quick chat within GUIDEcx and our team is there to help.
  • Multi-Channel Chat
    Simplify coordination across teams and companies anywhere your project managers, customers, and partners prefer to communicate. Automatically distribute in-app chat across email, SMS text, Slack, Teams, and any integrated ticketing system like Jira or Zendesk. Then trust GUIDEcx to also auto-import replies from any channel back in the project or task notes to maintain context. Each item has its own communication feed so that everyone can easily stay on the same page
  • Authenticated Domain
    Connect your domain to GUIDEcx’s email engine so all automated outreach comes from your domain.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    Send an automated survey when a milestone or project has been completed. Reporting can be sliced based on any project variable.
  • Status Change Reasons
    Track why projects slip from on time to late. Then summarize blockers in a consolidated report to identify causes of delays and mitigate risks.



includes Premium, plus: 

  • Advanced Time Tracking
    Record time spent on tasks and projects. Create billing profiles and categories with visibility settings outlining whether or not you’d like customers to see how many hours have been used from what has been allotted.
  • Resource Management
    Assign the right resources to the right tasks based off of their roles and capacity.
  • Program Management (Customer Dashboard)
    Consolidate CSAT, on-time delivery, risk factors, project status, and much more for any customer across numerous related projects for multi-location engagements.
  • Embedded Customer Portal
    Compass can now be embedded directly in your sites and software so that external participants can collaborate in simplified project views. Branding controls make the experience seamlessly feel like a native part of your trusted systems where customers are already spending time 
  • Custom Email Templates
    Upload any html code into the headers and footers that surround GUIDEcx product emails. This can show your end customers trusted branding, relevant links, and even dynamic merge tags. Now your brand guidelines can be applied to so much more than the sender domain. 
  • Single Sign-On
    Reduce the number of credentials your users need to create by leveraging SSO and SAML for secure and convenient access
  • Workspaces
    For an extra fee, this add-on can link users across multiple accounts. That way you can separate instances for each business unit or sandbox testing environment. Then you can easily switch between each Workspace with a single click.
  • Report Builder
    For an extra fee, this add-on can expand beyond the view-only experience in Report Navigator to self-serve layout edits and card creation in your own analytics environment. Drag and drop from the hundreds of charts already in our library or define totally new visualizations from scratch in seconds. You can even expand beyond the dozen default datasets we publish to you by connecting data from other systems so you can combine both data pipelines together
  • Analytics Professional Services
    Our in-house reporting experts are the best of the best and can help you customize your visualizations and data transformations

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