GUIDEcx Pricing

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A single license of GUIDEcx starts at $100/month and includes*:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Customer Users

*All packages have a minimum of 4 licenses. Pricing in USD.

$100 mo/license


Starter includes:

  • Persona-Based Project ExperiencesGet the right information to your customers… Stake holders can recieve a project digests, task owners are subcribed to our focused “Compass Experience”, and power users can see a robust project plan according to your own visibility settings.
  • White Labeled Customer PortalCreate brand cohesiveness by adding your brand assets and hex colors to your GUIDEcx customer portal where internal and external project participants can collaborate.
  • Mobile App (Apple & Android)Our mobile app has integrated push notifications built for the most time sensitive tasks (i.e. notify me when an overdue tasks causes a project to become at risk of being delivered past it’s planned launch date).
  • Customer Login via Magic LinkRemove friction from providing customer visibility into the project experiences by eliminating the need for them to login.
  • Intelligent Forecasted End DateWhen a task is completed early or late that is on the critical path, GUIDEcx updates how that effects on-time delivery in real time.
  • Sign Off & ApprovalSign Offs can be gathered and documented by the click of a link within an email.
  • Gantt, List, and Board ViewsTo expand project visiblity and adapt to the way you work GUIDEcx supports multiple views of your project – Gant, List, and Board views are standard
  • Actionable emailsUsers can update task status’ by clicking on a link, add a note by replying, or access task meta-data directly from emails without ever having to login
  • At-Risk task WorkflowProject participants can tell you they are “Stuck” which triggers a pre-defined notification workflow to the project manager.
  • Custom FieldsEasily add Custom Fields manually or via our API to your project experience which can be used as “Merge Tags” within task instructions.
  • Custom Merge TagsMake your custom fields more valuable to by automatically integrating them within your task instructions.
  • Alert based reportingReporting becomes much more valuable when there is actionable information. Creating custom alerts when a metric falls below a desired level enables quick reaction
  • Live Support ChatWe pride ourselves in being helpful and responsive. Have a questions; simply just shoot us a quick chat within GUIDEcx and our team is there to help.
  • Project ChatEliminate email threads with mulitiple people copied within the context of a task or project. In GUIDEcx each task and project have it’s own communication feed.
  • 3rd party managementAdd your partners and 3rd parties to your GUIDEcx org. Integrate their tasks within templates and projects and automate desired communication to them. You can subscribe them to task notifications and project updates and then access reports outlining their productivity bench marked against any SLA’s.


Professional includes: Starter, plus:

  • Customer Satisfaction SurveysSend an automated survey when a milestone or project has been completed. Reporting can be sliced based on any project variable.
  • Salesforce App Exchange IntegrationGUIDEcx is listed and approved on the Salesforce App Exchange. This means we have passed the most stringent Salesforce security standards and we have a bi-directional data flow.
  • Hubspot Marketplace IntegrationGUIDEcx is listed and approved on the Hubspot Marketplace. This means we have passed the most stringent security standards and have a bi-directional data flow.
  • API AccessYour data is your data. We believe you should have easy and complete access to it.
  • Status Change Reason Reporting
  • Vanity URLVanity URL’s create brand cohesiveness. You are inviting your customers to GUIDEcx so it’s critical that they recognize who they are working with.
  • Authenticated DomainConnect your domain to GUIDEcx’s email engine so all automated outreach comes from your domain.



Premium includes Professional, plus: 

  • Custom Integration Builder (Native iPaaS Solution)Create integration recipes to auto-complete tasks, pull in data from external systems with API’s, update project information, or send project information to other systems or people. The sky is the limit. An integrated connected process is an optimized process.
  • Native IntegrationsEasily access endorsed GUIDEcx integrations used by 1000’s of users (Gainsight, Jira, Slack, Zendesk and many more).
  • Professional Services Our in house professional service staff is the best of the best and can help you optimize your onboarding process and environment
  • Named CSMWhile our technology is world class, many value our expertise and advice just as much. Our Customer Success team has lived the challenges GUIDEcx solves. They are rockstars in their ability to help you improve your CX strategy.


Advanced includes Premium, plus: 

  • Advanced Time TrackingTrack time against tasks and projects. Create billing profiles and categories with visibility settings outlining whether or not you’d like customers to see how many hours have been used against what has been allotted.
  • Resource ManagementAssign the right resources to the right tasks based off of their roles and capacity.
  • Program Management Dashboard (Manage Multi location/product/services installations)Get a clear actionable consolidated view into CSAT, On-Time Delivery, At-Risk Info, Project Status and much more across mulitple project experiences.
  • Single Sign-OnReduce the number of credentials your users need to create by leveraging our Single Sign-On SAML
  • Custom Report BuildingIf the data exist, we can build or assist you in building a report or dashboard. The sky is the limit.
  • Partnership PortalEnable your System Integrators to subscribe to templates you have built. Then you can easily manage their performance (TTV, CSAT…) and Capacity based on the desired process you’d like them to follow when running projects on behalf of your company.

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