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Customer Churn:

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What is Customer Churn?

Churn Rate Formula

Why is it so important to address customer churn?

Industries Improving Churn With Customer Onboarding

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  • On-time delivery: A comprehensive customer onboarding platform keeps projects on schedule and makes it easier for everyone to complete their portions of the onboarding process.
  • Automated task management: With GUIDEcx, tasks are easier to assign and track, including those the customer must complete. All stakeholders can see pending tasks and responsible parties, which reduces the risk of bottlenecks and increases on-time delivery from your team members.
  • More revenue: Reducing the time it takes to onboard a client lessens the chance they will leave and allows you to start billing for your services faster. These two factors can significantly increase your company’s revenue from each customer. 
  • Transparency: Often, customers feel frustrated when they don’t know what’s happening during onboarding. Every stakeholder can access a clear, easy-to-understand process overview with our platform. Team members and customers can see what’s happening and know what to expect next. As task visibility increases, so does the chance of those tasks being completed correctly and on time.
  • Communication: Managing customer communication manually is extremely time-consuming and prone to human errors and misinformation. Our onboarding platform automates key notifications so your customers stay informed and your team can focus on their work instead of providing updates, sending reminders, and completing status updates.
  • Time-to-value: A faster, smoother onboarding process significantly reduces your customers’ time-to-value and helps them see a return on their investment sooner. 
  • Efficiency: Slow, inefficient onboarding is a key factor in customer churn; look for a solution that significantly reduces onboarding time.
  • Efficacy: To be effective, a customer churn solution should measurably reduce your company’s churn rate. 
  • Support: Choosing a solution that offers excellent customer service is crucial so your team can get the answers and resources they need to support your customers effectively.
  • Customization: Every industry has unique aspects that affect customer churn, so it’s essential to find a solution designed specifically for your industry.
  • Scalability: A good solution must scale quickly and reliably to continually grow your client base without expanding your team first.
  • Price: Finally, you must look for a solution that fits your company’s budget and offers a reliable return on investment.
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Streamlined Workflows and Task Management

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Efficient Organization with Tags and Filters

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Manage Projects On-The-Go with Mobile App

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