The Compass Experience: Simplifying the Client Onboarding Process

The new Compass Experience provides a personalized customer dashboard with a summary-level look at all tasks. The updated, clean design makes it easy for customers to quickly review their tasks, associated deadlines, and responsible point people, summarizing key information in one location.

The Value of the Compass Experience to Your Onboarding Strategy

With the goal of increasing customer engagement, the new Compass Experience continues to provide customers with one-click account access via Secure Links, eliminating login requirements. In addition, the simplified dashboard design with associated task lists and deadlines assists customers in understanding “what’s next” in their onboarding process and who is responsible for each step. The personalized Compass Experience removes the noise of traditional project management tools and allows each user to focus on what’s important to them. This summary dashboard approach makes it easier for users to engage in and complete assigned onboarding tasks.

Feature Benefits

The clean look and easy-to-use interface of the new Compass Experience help users complete tasks faster due to the ability to see all of their assignments in one place, update tasks, and prioritize projects as needed. This workflow creates a more efficient process and helps ensure visibility on all tasks, making sure that no task gets “lost in the shuffle” of everyday work.

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