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“The customer-facing dashboard is simple and easy to understand in the most positive way. Too often, tech becomes overly cluttered and complicated to access. Our customers love it. Very easy to consume project status and what is expected of them to complete.”

-Patrick Laney, CEO/COO of Grubbrr

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“Our customers always know what the next step in the onboarding process is. We used to send weekly checklists to our clientele and now those portions are completely automated…Each customer gets an experience that is tailored toward them.”

-Matthew Lau, Sr. Director Customer Experience Rain Retail

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Customer Engagement Portal FAQs

Yes. The customer engagement portal (Compass) is included in all GUIDEcx plans, and there is no limit to the number of customer users that can be added to a project within GUIDEcx. As a user of GUIDEcx, you can add your customers to the standard GUIDEcx application or the customer portal. Each user’s needs are specific, and GUIDEcx provides flexibility to support those needs.

Customers don’t always need to see every project detail, just the items most relevant to them. The GUIDEcx customer portal eliminates noise and provides each user with only what they need to know, including the tasks they need to complete, due dates, and communication tools should they run into problems. Customer engagement within the customer-specific portal is 2x higher than that of the standard GUIDEcx experience.

No, similar to the standard GUIDEcx application, when a customer is invited to a project, they can log in through a “secure link,” which allows them to view project and task details without having to set up or provide any credentials. The GUIDEcx Compass experience allows users to change task statuses and access direct notes, general project/task notes, and any attachments related to their project.

Yes, Compass is a user-specific application, meaning that a user will only see tasks that are assigned to them, as well as notes that apply to only their tasks and projects. If a user needs to invite a team member to the GUIDEcx onboarding project, they can reassign one of their tasks to that new user. There is no limit to the number of customer users that can be invited to a project. Our data shows that projects with five or more users are completed on time at a rate of 91%!

Compass is mobile responsive and allows users to operate strictly from a mobile device. Customers can access task details for their assignments through email and SMS. Similarly, no login is required, and all necessary details to complete tasks are delivered to a mobile device.

Yes, customers can only access what you allow. You can mark tasks, attachments, and notes as internally hidden, restricting access to only internal users. Additionally, customers will never see any financial data tied to a project.

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