Jira Integration

Keep Teams Agile and Aligned 

Often, during onboarding, development or IT teams must be looped in to fix customer bugs or set up systems. Keep these teams working where they’re most comfortable by automatically pushing GUIDEcx tasks into Jira as new issues. 

Important task details are also synced to Jira, eliminating tedious back-and-forths that cause delays. Set your development team up for success. 

Maintain Data Accuracy 

When work is being done on separate platforms, time and money may fall through the cracks. Ensure reporting and billing accuracy consistency by syncing time entries across the platforms. 

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Share Visibility Into Progress

Project managers are responsible for on-time project delivery. Keep them, and customer stakeholders, informed on dev team progress in real time. Push status updates into GUIDEcx as work is done. 

If scope expands and additional dev work must be done, teams can also create and push a new issue into GUIDEcx as a new task. 

Jira Integration Benefits

Task <> Issue Syncing

Keep projects in motion with bi-directional task <> issue syncing. 

Plus, push task details, including instructions, dates, notes, tags, and assignees into Jira issue so teams don’t waste time playing catch-up. 

 Status Syncing

Keep stakeholders informed with bi-directional status syncing. 

Map status between tasks and issues such that progress in Jira is accurately reflected in GUIDEcx and vice versa. 

Time Syncing

Sync time bi-directionally for accurate reporting and billing.

Time entered on the Jira issue is automatically pushed into GUIDEcx as a new time entry. Time added to a task in GUIDEcx will also sync to JIra. 

Help Your Teams Work Better Together

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“GuideCX has positioned itself at the top of the group, catering functionality to your workflows and providing optimal integration options to allow seamless work between internal departments and external stakeholders. For our day-to-day work, the Jira integration was a major selling point in our initial decision process and continues to prove its value, allowing our implementation and integration teams to work natively in their environments while syncing a single task and goal.”
Cameron M.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Setting up templates and projects takes a matter of minutes (seconds when you become proficient). Customers can easily see what milestones have been completed and what tasks they are assigned. There are integrations with Jira and Salesforce, which makes sharing information across the organization very easy.”
David P.

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