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Our Most Recent Event was a Webinar with Amazon on Thursday, Oct. 26

Webinar: why amazon chose guidecx
Graphic promoting a webinar with Amazon on Thursday, October 26 at 3pm Eastern Standard Time, Why Amazon Chose GUIDEcx.

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At the first of five CSC festivals that GUIDEcx will be attending this year, participants had the chance to stop by the booth to meet the GUIDEcx team, meet with COO Harris Clarke, and get a free onboarding audit. 

Harris Clarke delivered a keynote presentation to a packed room on leveraging onboarding to drive customer success. GUIDEcx is proud to sponsor five CSC events this year. 


The Buzzword for 2023 is EFFICIENCY. A softer economic situation makes getting the most out of every deal, customer, and renewal even more important. This webinar shared tips to help you navigate these conditions and perhaps gain positive momentum during the year.

Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, and Peter Ord, Founder & CEO at GUIDEcx, explained how you can weather the storm by focusing on customer success and establishing a seamless client onboarding process to drive efficiencies in your business. Mehta and Ord also discussed how to manage the pressure to do more with less during this economic climate and how you might actually be able to scale during a recession.


Date: March 7-9

X4 is dedicated to helping you and your organization use Experience Management to retain and keep customers and employees happy. Over 10,000 people are expected to attend this event, which features a star-studded lineup of keynote speakers, including Magnolia founders Chip & Joanna Gaines, actor Ryan Reynolds, and Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith.

Location: Salt Lake Palace Convention Center


Level up your customer success game with insight from some of the brightest minds in the CS space. GUIDEcx COO Harris Clarke is scheduled to deliver one of the keynote presentations.


GUIDEcx joined Gainsight for five events on their tour. These events were exclusive and invite-only. Check out the locations we’ll be at with Gainsight:

March 15: Palo Alto, CA

March 16: New York City, NY

March 22: Seattle, WA

March 23: Salt Lake City, UT

March 30: Boston, MA

Webinar: How to win at customer onboarding and your career

Discover the winning formula to deliver a successful customer onboarding experience and how these same skills can help elevate your career. Creating a winning customer onboarding process has many positive outcomes for your business, including improved efficiency, accelerated time to value, and reduced churn. In addition to the direct impact on the business, mastering the skills needed to manage a successful customer onboarding process also benefits your career – it’s a win-win for your company and your career!

Join GUIDEcx COO Harris Clarke and Rod Cherkas, author of the best-selling book, The Chief Customer Officer Playbook as they share actionable strategies to win at customer onboarding and to accelerate your career growth and demonstrate executive-level impact at your company – all the way up to the C-Suite.

Watch the webinar today.

webinar: how to maximize customer value with digital onboarding

Harris Clarke, GUIDEcx COO joins Tony D’Auria, Industry Principal at Valuize for a webinar titled, “How to Maximize Customer Value with Digital Onboarding.” Clarke and D’Auria will explain how you can create a digital onboarding process that accelerates product adoption and customer value realization.

Watch the webinar.


GUIDEcx was a Titanium sponsor of Gainsight Pulse 2023. Over 5,000 people attended the Bay Area marquee SaaS and Customer Success event. GUIDEcx founder and CEO, Peter Ord, delivered a presentation on May 17, “How Client Onboarding Optimizes Lifetime Value through Retention and Expansion.”


GUIDEcx was a gold sponsor of Customer Success Collective’s Customer Success Festival in Las Vegas on May 24 and 25. Harris Clarke, COO, delivered a keynote presentation on May 24 at 11:30 am about leveraging onboarding to drive customer success.

WEBINAR: The Power of Data in Business: 5 Effective Strategies for Transforming Client Onboarding for Optimal Outcomes

GUIDEcx Business Intelligence Engineers, Alama Ohene-Oparea and Elliott Leonard, detailed 5 Effective Strategies for Transforming Client Onboarding with Data during a webinar on June 22. 

  1. Leveraging Customer Analytics
  2. Data Transparency for Clients
  3. Implementing Real-Time Data Alerts
  4. Utilizing Feedback Loops
  5. Exploring Data Security and Compliance

Get ready to take some notes because these tips can help you streamline your onboarding process and boost business growth.

Watch the webinar.

WEBINAR: Strategies to Meet & Exceed Modern B2B Consumer Expectations

Everything is changing about B2B consumer expectations and if you don’t get ahead of it, your competition will.

GUIDEcx Founder and CEO, Peter Ord, teamed up with Lezette Markham (Marketing Director, Groupize) and Justin J. Peticolas (Manager, Implementation & Onboarding, Groupize) to share:

  • How consumer-driven experiences like Amazon impact your business and customer expectations
  • The cost of inaction in a rapidly changing consumer marketplace
  • How to partner for success with customers during onboarding
  • Insights into the way transparency transforms the customer experience

This webinar offers you actionable insights on the future of customer onboarding and its impact on customer experience. We’ll also share strategies to measure long-term customer success, reduce churn, and foster lasting customer relationships.

Watch the webinar.


Customer onboarding is so much more than going live with your product and driving adoption. Invest an hour with Donna Weber to learn why your customer onboarding is critical to your success. Donna will share insights and practical tips to help you achieve your growth goals – this year and in the long term.

INBOUND23: boston

GUIDEcx was a proud sponsor of INBOUND23 presented by HubSpot at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on September 5-8.

GUIDEcx Co-founder & VP of Sales, Todd White, presented on Wednesday, Sept. 6, at 3:30pm on delivering Amazon-level service in the B2B world.

saastr annual: San francisco

SaaStr Annual is the world’s #1 cloud gathering featuring 12,500 cloud and SaaS founders, VCs, and executives. GUIDEcx sponsored this outdoor-style event on September 6-8. GUIDEcx is a sponsor of SaaStr Annual. COO Harris Clarke and Senior Customer Success Manager Jenny Yee delivered a presentation about the top three retention learnings from headwinds in 2023.


This was the fourth of five CSC Festivals GUIDEcx sponsored this year. GUIDEcx COO, Harris Clarke, delivered a presentation about leveraging onboarding to drive customer success.

WEBINAR: How Customer Onboarding Improves Trust by Accelerating
Time to Value

Our guest speaker, Shari Srebnick from Forrester Research, joined host Peter Ord, GUIDEcx Founder & CEO, to discuss the role of onboarding to accelerate adoption, build a trust-based relationship, and realize value sooner. Watch the webinar here.

WEBINAR: How AI Is changing customer onboarding & success
WEBINAR: Strategies & Tactics for Scaled Customer Success
Customer success festival: boston
webinar: why amazon chose guidecx

Learn why the world’s leading online retailer selected GUIDEcx as its onboarding solution. Amazon Senior EHS Program Managers Heather Schimmelpfennig and Erica Adams will give an inside look at how GUIDEcx improved Amazon’s onboarding process. You can watch the on-demand version here.