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Sales Teams

Discussing the onboarding process should be part of every sales cycle and a selling point, not something to shy away from. Our industry-leading customer onboarding software is designed to make it easy for sales teams to quickly and convincingly demonstrate how well taken care of their prospective customers will be after the contract signature.

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Onboarding Teams

Customer onboarding managers and implementation teams are critical in ensuring that each new customer has the best experience during the implementation process. GUIDEcx is a dedicated platform that offers onboarding teams the support, tools, and features they need to work efficiently and effectively to hit deadlines and minimize customer churn.

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Customer Success Teams

What is the best way for Customer Success to know what happened during onboarding? Attend every call? Frequent internal meetings to review progress? No, and no. To get an accurate health score, deploy the right playbooks, and truly deliver successful outcomes to customers, they need digital assistance that starts with GUIDEcx.

Project Management Teams

With GUIDEcx, project managers can optimize their workflow, foster client satisfaction, and make successful customer experiences hassle-free. GUIDEcx will also provide your team with data based on the efficiency of each part of your process.

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