Safety NetAccess Boosts Project Manager Capacity with Custom-Built Workflows from GUIDEcx


Who Is Safety NetAccess?

Safety NetAccess designs, builds, and supports wired and wireless networks for various companies, including those involved in hospitality, assisted living, resorts, and public properties. The organization is family-owned, having been built from a two-man startup. Today, they are involved in over 4,000 venues, providing millions of authentications daily. Over the last 20 years, they have empowered millions of users with flawless experiences due to their networks.


Dull Client-Facing Software with Limited Time Management

Safety NetAccess needed a client-facing system that captured their commitment to their customers. The team was managing over 100 projects at any given time, 90 percent of which were customer-facing. It was essential for them to put their best foot forward with every client, and their previous onboarding and project management software was lacking. Everything was dull: the interface, the lack of direction, the limited capabilities, and more. 

Additionally, the system lacked the time-management capabilities they needed to not only drive more efficiency but also see and track projects in real-time. Everything fell on the project managers’ shoulders, whether it was following up with clients on tasks they needed to complete or addressing minor issues that could be solved with automation. Their workflows weren’t prepared to scale as they continued to grow. 

At the end of the day, the original system was not what they wanted to share with their clients. It simply did not reflect the excellent first impression they knew they could make.


Finding Custom Solutions with GUIDEcx

The Safety NetAccess team turned to GUIDEcx for solutions in July 2021. They soon experienced just how much an excellent client-facing software could streamline their processes. With integrity at the forefront of their priorities, Safety NetAccess needed a team that would provide the same excellent customer-centric approach. The GUIDEcx platform was just that: It has allowed the company to go the extra mile for its clients at every step of the process—from onboarding to closing out projects. Not only has GUIDEcx provided Safety NetAccess with a more organized and engaging interface, but it has also enabled them to easily tailor their support to best suit any of their clients. 

Every time a project manager starts a new project, they are able to jump into GUIDEcx and create tasks, assign ownership, and keep both internal teams and clients accountable for their next steps. This has not only increased their efficiency by 25 percent, but it has also given them the foundation they need to scale up as they continue to grow, as project managers can manage upwards of 60 projects at any given time.

“There’s a lot I love about GuideCX…Being able to organize that under one system has been incredible.”

Safety NetAccess


Accessing Continuous Growth and Success Under One System

Beyond providing custom solutions and a more engaging system, GUIDEcx has allowed the team to organize all important information under a single roof. Richard Stokes, lead project manager at Safety NetAccess, describes the platform as a game-changer for him and his team. “There’s a lot I love about GUIDEcx,” he said. “Having a centralized system has been essential to our success. We have at least 80–120 photos for every job we do. This means sending 10 pages of attachments or more to everyone on the project. Being able to organize that under one system has been incredible.” 

Not only is the team more than satisfied with GUIDEcx, but so are their clients. Their customers have cited knowing timelines, AI capabilities, and realistic data as just three of their favorite aspects of using the software with Safety NetAccess. On top of having a great understanding of the system, the team also has a better understanding of their own projects and next steps. The steps of the client onboarding and project management process have never been smoother.

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