Why Choose GUIDEcx Over a Project Management Software?

Project management tools weren’t built for client onboarding. It’s that simple. Here’s why.

FeaturesGUIDEcxStandard PM Tools
Group task assignment tracking
Instead of creating a task for each person who needs to complete the course, you can assign one task to everyone who needs to complete that step.
Global project trend/logistics analysis
Optimize future projects by identifying project bottlenecks and accelerators.
Restricted visibility settings
Keep internal comments and tasks private without setting up a separate project board for clients. Hide tasks, show only task titles but no details, or grant full access.
Automated emails sent from your domain
Improve task-related email open rates and avoid confusion by keeping all communication from your company instead of the tool.
White label customer portal
Reinforce your brand and keep the focus on your project, not the tool.
Next step email automation
Eliminate manual tracking and reminders for the next step in the project. When a task is completed, GUIDEcx automatically emails the next task assignment.
Add multiple templates into a single project
Rather than building a new project plan for every possible configuration of your implementation, you can combine multiple project templates into a single project plan.
Forecast project end date
To accurately predict the end date of a project, you need to do three things—establish dependencies, determine the duration of tasks, and identify resources. GUIDEcx tracks all three and provides a forecasted project end date.

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