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What Is Time-to-Value?

Why Is It Important to Shorten TTV?

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What Are the Key Features and Benefits of a Customer Onboarding Solution to Reduce Time-to-Value? 

  • Communication: Keeping your customers engaged and updated during onboarding is essential. That means your external communication is just as important as internal communication. GUIDEcx includes automated status notifications and task updates that simplify communication and ensure everyone stays apprised of changes during onboarding.
  • Engagement: Do you know what a customer’s onboarding experience is like? If you don’t engage with them regularly, you won’t be able to give them crucial support. Without that support, it takes far longer for your customers to reach their ROI moment when they understand the value of your service offerings. Use our platform’s prebuilt surveys to solicit feedback and make necessary changes to improve the customer experience.
  • Training: Inadequate training can significantly increase time-to-value; many customers stop using new tools and programs if they don’t understand how they work. Giving your clients the information and resources they need to use your products effectively reduces TTV further by providing on-demand or self-guided training that customers can access anytime.
  • Transparency: An effective onboarding process relies on an excellent task management system to assign and track those tasks. But it’s not enough to monitor those tasks internally; sharing projects with your customers is beneficial so they know what’s always happening. This eliminates that common issue where customers may feel frustrated that nothing seems to be happening.
  • Standardization: Human-related errors and missed steps are always risky if your onboarding process relies on many manual tasks. GUIDEcx automates reporting and email communications, which reduces mistakes and saves time. Automated processes and standardized templates also facilitate efficient scaling, making it easier for you to serve more customers even while growing your own team.
  • On-time delivery: The GUIDEcx platform helps you bring your customers into the process so they can understand their onboarding responsibilities, reducing delays when clients don’t know your team is waiting on them. With our platform, everyone can see task assignments, which increases accountability and supports a higher on-time completion rate.
  • Communication: Choose a platform that allows you to customize communications and updates so your clients get all the information they need. 
  • Task Management: A robust task assignment and management system reduces missed steps and ensures on-time delivery. It also provides clients with a clear overview of the process, helping them anticipate the next steps and form realistic ROI expectations.
  • Price: Consider all the costs of the onboarding solution, including any additional charges for new members or additional features. 
  • Features: Focus on your customer’s experience and journey so you understand what motivates them to work with your company and choose an onboarding platform to help them reach their goals.
  • Personalization: Ensure every customer receives a customized experience with the necessary resources, training materials, and notifications.
  • Automation: Look for solutions incorporating strategic automation to minimize time delays and reduce human errors common in tedious manual tasks.
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Customer Dashboard

Clients can access their dashboard online, via mobile, or with an email link. Once there, they can easily see exactly what’s going on with the project so they have the best possible experience.

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Persona-Based Experiences

With the Compass Experience, your team and customers aren’t hindered by traditional project management tools, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing TTV.

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Customer Satisfaction Tool (CSAT)

Keep tabs on customers during the onboarding process so you can identify potential problems and address them quickly to shorten time-to-value.

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Manage Projects On-The-Go with Mobile App

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