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Build confidence with your new customers

Provide your customer with the best first impression by streamlining the hand-off between your sales process and onboarding. Automatically kick off a project that includes the key players, services purchased, and essential data that will keep your implementation teams informed. As the project progresses, keep your sales teams informed on the status, milestones, and opportunities for growth.

Start your customer journey on the right foot.

Retain and grow your customers with visibility for customer success managers (CSMs) and a clean hand-off to post-onboarding activities. Continue to collaborate between teams for critical growth and account health efforts.

Seamlessly collaborate with teams and customers.

Work how, when, and where you and your customers want with streamlined integrations to communication tools and platforms.

Google Forms

Leverage forms in Google Drive to quickly capture customer data and optimize your onboarding experience.


Work with Typeform’s intuitive form building and data capture experiences to optimize data gathering and reduce meetings.

Manage tasks between teams and environments.

Help your teams and customers work in the processes and context they’ve already adopted through automated coordination between task management systems.

Keep your onboarding and billing aligned.

Launch projects based on financial system criteria and share completion information with the finance system in order to initiate billing and revenue recognition.


Identify custom criteria and scenarios in GUIDEcx that should trigger billing events, revenue recognition, and reporting in NetSuite.

Coordinate onboarding and support efforts.

Align onboarding and support teams during the implementation phase of your customer journey to keep your teams coordinated and customers happy.


Synchronize GUIDEcx tasks and Zendesk tickets during your onboarding project.

Extend and innovate your onboarding.

Leverage additional tools and services to take your onboarding to new levels that streamline the customer experience while making your teams more efficient.


Leverage OpenAI to generate, summarize, and translate text to improve your communication’s impact and your teams’ efficiency.

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