Google Forms Integration

Automate the collection and storage of form data for a more personalized onboarding experience.

Google Forms Integration Benefits

Automate Data Collection

Reduce meeting load through automated data capture.

A merge tag with a project-specific Google Forms URL can be added to any task description. Then, customers can take action directly from task assignment emails to complete a form.

Autocomplete Tasks

Keep projects moving.

Once a completed form has been submitted, the GUIDEcx task is automatically marked Done, and any dependent tasks kick off.

Personalize Workflows

Use form responses to trigger custom actions in Recipe Builder.

Create new tasks, mark unneeded tasks as not applicable, activate an onboarding template, send Slack messages, and more! Let your customers’ responses guide their onboarding flow.

Help Your Teams Work Better Together

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“These days project management tools are a dime a dozen with variable levels of customization and integration options. GuideCX has positioned itself at the top of the group, catering functionality to your workflows and providing optimal integration options to allow seamless work between internal departments and external stakeholders.”
Cameron M.

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