Customer Success Starts with Customer Onboarding

Engage Customers with Email

Collaborate with customers in email, SMS, and login-less portals.

Manage Projects with Templates

Forecast project completion and scale your team’s capacity.

Accelerate Onboarding with AI

Reduce TTV with custom analytics and optimize your PSA resources.

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Over 300,000 projects completed on GUIDEcx.

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Customer Onboarding Software


Reduction in Onboarding Time


Increase in Project Manager Capacity


Fewer Onboarding Meetings


On-time Delivery Rate when 5+ Users are Invited


Deliver lasting success with intuitive engagement


Optimize your onboarding investment


Build trust for on-time completion

Powerful, Purposeful, Seamless Integrations

GUIDEcx is Leading the Client Onboarding Software Category

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Ultimate Guide To Customer Onboarding

Are you ready to create a comprehensive, efficient onboarding process that saves time, reduces time-to-value, and improves customer experience? We’ve created this guide to help you!

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5 Scary Customer Onboarding Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Time is money and if you’re making one of these five onboarding mistakes you’re wasting money. Read our blog to see if you’re making any of these mistakes.

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Customer Onboarding Checklist & Template Kit

Take the guesswork out of the customer onboarding process with the guidance of our Customer Onboarding Checklist & Template Kit.

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Discover how GUIDEcx can help you improve efficiency by reducing your customer onboarding timeline and increasing the capacity of your project managers. Our unparalleled professional resources and unwavering commitment to excellence support our industry-leading customer onboarding solution.