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GuideCX® is a client implementation and onboarding project platform that empowers you to invite, guide, and engage internal and customer teams in a transparent process that delivers value faster.

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Deliver Value Faster with GuideCX Client Onboarding Software

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A smooth, transparent client implementation and onboarding process is key to putting your best foot forward.

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Reduce Anxiety, Increase Participation
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Complete Control over Visibility Settings
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No Login Required for Participants
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Complete Tasks via Portal, Email, or Mobile App
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Increase Team Accountability
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Automate Project Updates, Tasks, and Reminders

The Leader in Client Onboarding Just Revved Its Reporting Engine

Introducing the GuideCX Navigator Reporting Engine.

Get visibility into your onboarding process and outcomes with the industries only enterprise-level reporting engine. The GuideCX Navigator gives you the ability to forecast, optimize, and automate your implementation and onboarding.

Identify Project Trends

GuideCX at a Glance

Client Implementation and Onboarding Software That Keeps Your Customers at the Center of Every Project

What Our Customers Are Saying

GuideCX allows us to take what our best implementation specialists are doing and duplicate that across our whole customer success team. The result: a more engaging, predictable, and streamlined customer experience. Net Promoter Scores have skyrocketed.

— Chad Estes —


The killer feature of GuideCX is the transparency and collaboration it gives you with your new customers during onboarding. I’ve used a number of tools throughout my career, and nothing compares.

— Tayler Ursu —


GuideCX is the solution we have been looking for! I love the intuitive interface, the ease of implementation, and the automation that has helped to dramatically increase our efficiency. I love that our customers now have additional transparency into our processes and know exactly what they need to do and when to help keep the project on track.

— Cody F. —

Lakebridge Realty

Rated #1 Client Onboarding Software on G2

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Invite, guide, and engage internal and customer teams throughout the implementation process.

internal teams

Internal Teams

Teams know what needs to be done, who is accountable, and who needs help. We increase team efficiency and bandwidth, which leads to greater output and satisfaction.

external customers

External Customers

Your customers know what to expect, when to expect it, and with whom to communicate. We increase customer insight and accountability, which leads to greater satisfaction.


How to Manage Project Time

How to Manage Project Time

Sometimes, projects run behind. That’s okay as long as you know why. What’s dangerous is when projects run behind and you’re not sure why. It can take a lot of organization and dedication to manually track where all the time goes in a project. Here’s how you can best...

Holiday Donations for Primary Children’s Hospital

Holiday Donations for Primary Children’s Hospital

The holiday season is often filled with joy, magic, and amazing memories of gift-giving, indulgent food, Christmas light-filled activities, cherished family reunions, and much more. Some of those memories, however, aren’t always so magical when you or a loved one is...

4 Essential Customer Onboarding Features

4 Essential Customer Onboarding Features

Are you looking into leveling up your implementations with new customer onboarding features? Here are some options that can help you be more successful and reduce churn.    White Labeling Your customers need to know who they’re working with, right? If you have a...

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