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Empowering Sales Teams During Customer Onboarding.

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Sales Operations

Sales operations roles are responsible for ensuring sales efficiency and effectiveness. They handle tasks like generating reports, managing the sales tech stack, and supporting the broader sales team.

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Sales Team Leader

Sales team leaders are critical in guiding and managing the sales team. They are responsible for setting targets, motivating the team, and ensuring the achievement of sales goals. 

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Inbound Sales Representative

Inbound sales representatives interact with potential customers who have expressed interest in the company’s products or services.

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Account Executives (AE)

Account executives are responsible for closing deals and managing customer accounts. 

GUIDEcx Customer Onboarding Features For Sales Teams

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Our purpose-built customer onboarding software provides a centralized platform for organizing and tracking the onboarding journey. Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and hello to efficient and easy-to-track onboarding processes.

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Increased Efficiency

 With GUIDEcx, your sales team can automate everyday onboarding activities, ensuring consistent and timely client onboarding. Spend less time following up and more time focusing on value-added tasks.

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Enhanced Accountability

Struggling to hold customers accountable during implementation? GUIDEcx empowers sales teams to set clear expectations, assign tasks, and automate reminders, ensuring clients stay on track and complete necessary actions.

Challenges We Solve For Sales Teams

Empowering Sales Teams with Streamlined Solutions: tackles complex customer onboarding and project management hurdles, driving efficiency and success.

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Reduced Onboarding Time

GUIDEcx enables a 49% reduction in onboarding time, allowing sales teams to quickly onboard clients and move them towards product adoption and success.

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Increased Project Manager Capacity

With GUIDEcx, sales teams can experience a four-fold increase in project manager capacity, enabling them to handle more projects and scale their operations effectively.

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Improved Client Engagement

We foster engagement by providing a shared workspace environment branded to your company, where customers can collaborate, access project information, and stay informed throughout onboarding.

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