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“GCx solves the problem of quickly iterating toward a better and better onboarding process. I can quickly change templates and get useful real-time reporting like 5 Longest Duration Tasks, allowing me to drill down and eliminate waste.”

-Patrick Laney, CEO/COO of Grubbrr

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“GUIDEcx helps us track our onboarding duration and the amount of time we spend on projects. This helps us with workload availability and assignments. They have really enhanced their reporting capabilities over the past few years, helping us have better insight into what’s working and what can be improved with our processes.”

-Paul Ventresca, Manager of Implementations SaaSOptics

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“The Zonos ProServ team is extremely pleased with the results of GUIDEcx’s automated CSAT surveys. Our CSAT response rate has tripled since the automation, making it a valuable customer-insight tool for our team.”

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