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GUIDEcx Is Leading The Client Onboarding Software Category

Our customers love us for our customer service and how we enable our users to engage their customers. See how we specialize in customer onboarding, task management, and project management.

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Powerful, Purposeful, Seamless Integrations

Connect 1,000+ applications to GUIDEcx so you can increase automation and keep projects simple.

What you’ll love about GUIDEcx:

  • A true customer onboarding tool — your customers, third parties, and most internal users are always free
  • Know when projects will finish and get real-time forecasted end dates based on task delays and completions
  • Manage team resources — know who is over or under-allocated at a glance

With GUIDEcx, you’re partnered with the category creator and industry leader for customer onboarding software.

300k+ Projects Successfully Completed on GUIDEcx

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Why Companies Choose GUIDEcx

“Your order is 10 stops away!” — Consumer expectations are changing with the rise in communication between company and customer. Everyone wants to know exactly what they’re getting and when. So why aren’t you doing the same with your business product or service?