GUIDEcx, Customer Onboarding Category Leader


GUIDEcx’s birth story is incredibly interesting. Peter Ord, founder of GUIDEcx, found himself in 2017 experiencing all the frustrations of poor customer experiences while working with a SaaS company that offers a unified solution for auto dealers. Peter realized he was perfectly positioned to design an optimized onboarding platform with built-in dependency logic and notifications. Born in November of 2017 after Peter left his previous position, GUIDEcx was the first software of its kind. With its inception, Peter not only designed a new product but also created an entirely new category: customer onboarding. 

“It takes a special kind of individual to build a startup,” says Ord. “Our secret sauce is our collective experience that allowed us to build a solution that didn’t exist on the market. Creating an entirely new industry category and the GUIDEcx platform has been daunting and exciting all at the same time.”

GUIDEcx differentiates from the competition with a client-focused implementation process that puts the customer experience at the forefront of all they do. The goal is to ease the complexity of customer onboarding and help people work better together.  

Peter recognizes his team has been instrumental in the success of the business. These team members put each other and their customers first. Peter’s drive to be more significant is his main motivator in every life that he and his team touch. GUIDEcx continuously strives for meaningful relationships with their customers. 

Peter encourages his team members to be proud of their achievements and hopes to create an environment where people love to work. “That’s the kind of environment I get excited about,” says Peter.

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