Recipe Builder: Fully Customizable App Integrations

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Recipe Builder is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) environment, native within GUIDEcx, that allows you to build custom integrations with other products in your tech stack. Many companies struggle to make the most of their tech stack, with manual updates and complicated connectors blocking the way to true efficiency. Recipe Builder is the answer!

Fully Customizable Integration Game Changer

Recipe Builder is a game changer for companies with specific workflows and unique tech integration needs! You can now completely customize how your tech stack integrates with GUIDEcx. While other onboarding solutions may offer a connector at best, none allow users to customize integrations natively without using code.

While GUIDEcx has pre-built integrations, we recognize we can’t anticipate every need our users have. The person who knows your onboarding and tech needs best is you, so we’re giving you the power to connect your tech stack to match your unique workflows.

“Recipe Builder launches us further in the world of workflow automation. Recipe Builder enables our customers to create ‘no code’ integration recipes with DocuSign, Gong, Gainsight, NetSuite and so many other products. The sky is the absolute limit, and I couldn’t be more excited about the added efficiencies that this new feature will create for our customers.”

Peter Ord
Founder and CEO, GUIDEcx

Here are a few examples of custom workflows you can build with Recipe Builder: 

→ Notify a project manager if a ticket is opened in Zendesk and/or a chat comes through via or Intercom

→ Automatically send a DocuSign, then complete the associated task when that Docusign is completed

→ Push and pull data fields from Salesforce or HubSpot without needing to engage your admin team 

→ Send recorded hours and rates to NetSuite to recognize revenue once a GUIDEcx milestone has been completed

How Recipe Builder Integration Works

A recipe is a set of steps that will be followed to automate workflows between GUIDEcx and other applications, which may include triggers, actions, calls, etc. To get you started, the GUIDEcx team has key, prebuilt integrations (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot, Jira, Gainsight) that can be easily adapted to meet your specific needs.

Custom connectors are also available for hundreds of applications, unlocking full flexibility to build recipes from scratch that maximize the efficiency of your customer onboarding process. Explore recipes for other applications within “Community” to get ideas for your custom workflow. With Recipe Builder, there is no limit to what your creativity can do!

Although Recipe Builder has an easy-to-use interface, GUIDEcx has highly trained Guides ready to help build custom integrations for you! 

Have more questions? Set up a demo and ask our Guides to demonstrate the full power of Recipe Builder.

GUIDEcx Users Rave About Recipe Builder

“The biggest thing is how comprehensive the solution is. You can literally do anything that the API allows you to do.”

Joe Rogers
Vice President of Customer Deployments, HungerRush

“With Recipe Builder, we have been able to create complex triggers between Salesforce and GUIDEcx that allow seamless automation to reduce redundancies and manual processes. Internal teams who predominantly work out of Salesforce can continue to work from there while critical updates get pushed to GUIDEcx, allowing our projects to move along smoothly without juggling multiple platforms. The flexibility that Recipe Builder provides, combined with the relative ease of creating recipes, has added another layer of power and opportunity to how we use GUIDEcx.”

Nicole HiseySenior Manager – Websites, FieldRoutes

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