G&A Partners Reduces Onboarding and Implementation Time by 25% with GUIDEcx


Who is G&A Partners?

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G&A Partners provides full-service HR solutions, including streamlined payroll services, employee benefits, and tailored support. With their easy-to-use, integrated technology, clients can build a stronger foundation and help their employees thrive.


Lengthy, Detailed Onboarding Kickoff Process

As G&A Partners brought on new clients and started onboarding each of them, every kickoff call required a lengthy and detailed process. On top of running a kickoff meeting, they were limited to following up with an email, complete with a list of attachments and next steps. This left their clients overwhelmed with tasks they needed to complete—without the accountability of due dates and clear expectations. Customers craved a more holistic view of what they needed to accomplish. To that end, G&A wanted to streamline the onboarding process. 

Similarly, G&A Partners used the same onboarding workflows for every client they brought on, and they were interested in creating a new process that would address each customer’s specific needs. Because their communication was largely limited to email threads, G&A Partners and their clients wanted an easier way to check in and ensure they were sticking to a successful timeline.

“The whole GUIDEcx team is friendly and quick to respond. They are quick and eager to help, and the support they offer is great.”

— DOMINIC IRELAND — Onboarding Team Lead, G&A Partners


Discovering Comprehensive Solutions with GUIDEcx

In 2019, G&A Partners implemented GUIDEcx. They soon realized thatGUIDEcx offered a simpler way to improve their process templates and tasks and speed up the entire implementation process. The first client they onboarded using the platform immediately expressed how easy it was to use. While the team at G&A Partners didn’t expect such immediate success, they have only continued to see essential improvements as their partnership has evolved.

Along those lines, GUIDEcx has helped G&A Partners create clear customer expectations. Now, instead of long email chains, clients can access a platform where all tasks are organized, and templates intuitively explain the exact process, enabling them to learn independently. If clients find themselves stuck, they can quickly press a button in an email to speak to someone from the G&A Partners team, making it much easier to access the support they need at any given time. GUIDEcx ensures the team provides the personalized and comprehensive support their clients need—every single time. 


A Long-Term Onboarding Partnership, Ongoing Results

Since implementing GUIDEcx, G&A Partners has found a partnership they know they can turn to for years to come. They had a lot to say when asked about the highlights of setting up with GUIDEcx. “The whole GUIDEcx team is friendly and quick to respond,” says Dominic Ireland, onboarding team lead at G&A Partners. “They are quick and eager to help, and their support is great.” 

Before partnering with GUIDEcx, they aimed for an eight-week onboarding turnaround. Their typical onboarding time frame is only six weeks; at times, it’s even less than four. Considering an average of six weeks, their implementation time has decreased by over 25 percent. With the time they’ve saved onboarding each client, they have been able to dedicate more effort toward continuously providing an excellent customer experience, which will continue to benefit them in the long term. 

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