17 Questions For Evaluating Customer Onboarding Solutions


Customer onboarding is a very crucial, yet often overlooked phase of the customer journey. Creating a smooth onboarding experience for your customer not only sets them up for success, but it also vastly increases your retention rate and decreases churn.

A good onboarding experience can also accelerate time to value, reduce the overall implementation timeline and increase the capacity of your project managers.

After implementing GUIDEcx, Kount saw a 40% increase in the capacity their project managers. Project managers are now able to handle 17-20 implementations at once whereas, prior to GUIDEcx, they could only balance 10-12 implementations at the same time. 

Selecting an onboarding platform can be a confusing process and that’s why we created this eBook, “17 Questions for Evaluating and Selecting the Right Platform for Customer Onboarding.” Follow the tips in this eBook to help select the best onboarding platform for your organization.

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