Propertybase Increases Productivity by 60%




Propertybase is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform built to simplify real estate business. Their platform allows agents to sell more effectively with real estate CRM, websites, lead generation, transaction management, etc. With the capability to manage listings, automate daily tasks, and oversee operational data in one place, agents can spend their time selling without missing a lead. 


Inefficient, Time-Consuming Onboarding Process

Before GUIDEcx, Propertybase struggled to keep up with enrolling all the clients they booked. As they focused on accelerated sales, their onboarding process was left behind, leading to lengthy delays in communication with their new customers. Their previous process meant hosting hour-long sessions with each client at least twice weekly. Once they added even more customers to the mix, they were actively onboarding up to 36 new clients at a time. They soon found themselves drowning in all the onboarding tasks they had to complete manually. 

Each workday was filled with client-onboarding calls when they could have been focused on company growth. Their customers had to wait two and a half weeks after signing on actually to start work with Propertybase. On top of the piles of work they had to accomplish, they feared losing angry clients due to the long turnaround rate. There wasn’t enough time to accomplish everything they needed to get done in a day. 


Finding Intuitive and Effective Solutions with GUIDEcx

The team at Propertybase knew there had to be a solution that would make client onboarding easier than it was. After reaching a breaking point, they turned to GUIDEcx for help because of their intuitive solutions and excellent customer service. Not only was the platform easy to navigate, but it included many features that the Propertybase team has been able to incorporate into their daily operations. They have even begun to use GUIDEcx as their preferred form of communication over email. 

According to Eric Serota, the senior onboarding specialist for Propertybase, one of the best parts of adopting the GUIDEcx platform has been the increased visibility between customer and client. 

GUIDEcx was the perfect solution to their problems. The platform even helped them identify improvement in areas they hadn’t realized could use a boost.

The new implementation has allowed me to be more proactive with my clients rather than merely reactive. I can see everything they’re doing, which allows me to be more involved in their onboarding process. Clients really appreciate that.”

Senior Onboarding Specialist


Refining the Onboarding Experience and Doubling Productivity

The results Propertybase saw after adapting the GUIDEcx onboarding platform were impossible to miss. While they were once struggling to onboard up to 36 clients, resulting in a longer overall process, streamlining their onboarding procedures with GUIDEcx has eliminated the bottleneck, decreasing the number to a more manageable 15-20. Their clients were also onboarded much faster, with only two days between booking and initiating the onboarding process. The result was a more enjoyable process for both employees and customers. 

Not only are their customers happier than before, but the Propertybase team has also been able to do more with less. They have more than doubled their productivity. In a single year, they closed on more than 100 projects. Before GUIDEcx, the annual average was 40, an increase of 60%. 

Serota can’t wait to see where GUIDEcx takes Propertybase next. “It’s not just the platform,” he says. “It’s the people. They’re great to work with. I have a strong feeling that this relationship is going to continue to benefit us well into the future.” 

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