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Connect 1,000+ applications to GUIDEcx so you can increase automation and keep projects simple.

What Types Of Integrations Does GUIDEcx Offer?

One of the benefits of GUIDEcx is that our system easily integrates with applications your company or even the client you are onboarding is currently using. We offer three different ways to integrate applications to make the process as seamless as possible.

A native integration is when an application is built natively into a SaaS platform. This platform houses the connection between the two software. Native integrations are great because they’re usually ready to use and often require less or no code. 

GUIDEcx has four main native integrations:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Jira Software
  • Slack

Why these applications? Well, they’re the ones our customers want to integrate the most with. But half of them help with the sales handoff.

For example, Salesforce and HubSpot keep your sales team organized. Integrating them with GUIDEcx allows you to start a new onboarding project that transfers notes and contacts and automatically invites new customers. 

However, these are native because we want you to be able to customize that transfer to how your organization functions

Zapier is how these non-native integrations get even more customization. 

For example, we use Zapier webhooks to enhance our HubSpot and Salesforce integrations. This helps make sure everything that can be automated is automated. 

Zapier allows for other integrations, including those not listed above. Whether you want to enhance a non-native integration or create a new one, Zapier is the perfect tool.

When you have access to developer resources, you can create a custom integration with the GUIDEcx API based on the Open API specification. This allows you to tailor the experience for your specific business needs, avoiding any potential disadvantages of native integration.

Not only do we use Zapier to expand our HubSpot integration, but we use our open API as well. The concept is the same as Zapier, where you can enhance a current integration or create a new one, but with the open API, you can be much more specific. 

An open API (application programming interface) is how you can really expand your tech stack. The possibilities are literally endless. 

Open APIs are easy to implement (if you know how) and cost-effective. Greater functionality for less money. Isn’t that the dream?

GUIDEcx Guiding Integrations

Automate the start of a GUIDEcx project when you mark an opportunity as “closed won” in Salesforce and keep all reporting in one place.
Create onboarding projects automatically when deals are marked “closed won” in HubSpot and keep all reporting in one place.
Sync onboarding data between the two platforms, automate the process to gauge and manage risk and produce health scores to give your team an accurate status snapshot of each project, all from the very beginning
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Receive Slack notifications from GUIDEcx when a project has an update.
logo jira
Choose the projects in GUIDEcx you’d like to push into Jira as projects or epics and sync Jira issues into GUIDEcx as new tasks when tagged.
logo zapier
Not finding what you’re looking for? You can connect 2000+ applications to GUIDEcx with Zapier.
guidecx open api 2022
Integrate with the rest of your tech stack to customize any integration and add new ones.
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Integrations are next level with our no-code integration platform (Recipe Builder)

Integrations Marketplace

The Integrations Marketplace is your one-stop shop to explore and enable purpose-built integrations for your success, sales, and communications applications. This marketplace displays the currently available integrations and connections already made on the platform so providers can self-manage.

*Only GUIDEcx customers can access the Integrations Marketplace.


We are always looking to partner with other capable and innovative technologies. Contact us today to learn more about having your software integrated with GUIDEcx.

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