Announcing the Integrations Marketplace

Oct 26, 2022

The Integrations Marketplace is your one-stop shop to explore and enable purpose-built integrations for your success, sales, and communications applications. This marketplace displays the currently available integrations, as well as, connections already made on the platform so providers can self-manage.

SharePoint Integration

The GUIDEcx + SharePoint integration allows teams who manage lists in SharePoint to populate dynamic tasks in GUIDEcx projects automatically and in bulk.

Jira Integration [v2]

We’ve updated our Jira integration so you can better customize & control your workflows. Choose the projects in GUIDEcx you’d like to push into Jira as projects or epics, and sync Jira issues into GUIDEcx as new tasks when tagged.

GUIDEcx continues to provide the most comprehensive and updated list of integration options available. Keep projects simple and increase automation with over 1,000 integration applications to choose from. Look for additional integration options like Gainsight, coming soon!

Explore the Other New Features in the October Release

The Integrations Marketplace is just one of the many exciting new features that were deployed in the October 2022 Release. These new features were built to help you better manage customers, increase customer retention and satisfaction, streamline onboarding processes, and increase tracking capabilities. Here is a sample of some of the new features in this release:

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