Navigate Through Your Projects With Project Status Change Reason Tracking

GUIDEcx Project Status Change Reasons give you the ability to track why a project is on hold, delayed, or canceled. Keep key stakeholders informed throughout the process with updates on areas that need additional attention, risks for project delays, or processes that might need to be updated. Now when a project status is changed, users are prompted to add a reason WHY. Custom Status Change Reasons can be created from which users can choose. Identify trends in status changes by exporting updates and reports on status updates. Easily share these trends and updates with all members of the project team.

Project Status Change Reason Tracking Product Features & Benefits

Reason Groups: identify key high-level reasons for projects that may be delayed.

Reasons: establish customer Reasons within each group to dive deeper into the specifics of a project delay

Status Change Reason Report: view aggregated data to identify recurring groups and reasons commonly leading to product delay or cancellation so your team can implement changes.

“The Status Change Reasons feature has been very helpful for our board members to have a quick look into why projects are delayed/on hold without having to spend too much time digging for the answer,” said Duygu Yorulmaz, Project Manager with Open ECX. “It has helped me to recognise some recurring issues that result in projects being put on hold which we have raised internally and now have a workaround for common issues. Overall, the simplicity in the feature has saved us a lot of time and gives Open ECX a clear picture of progress on all our projects.”

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