We’re Done with Onboarding…Now What?

By Harris Clarke
Oct 21, 2020
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Customer success for new SaaS clients starts long before they actually begin using your software. Your sales team lays the groundwork by building a relationship and explaining how your software can provide solutions for their most pressing problems. Then it’s up to an onboarding team to ensure they know how to use the software effectively.

Once the onboarding process is complete, it’s time to pass your clients on to a customer success team to continue building the relationship. It can be tempting to think that once all their tasks are checked off, the onboarding work is done, but it’s important not to let the ball drop in this critical transition. In fact, this is one of the most important transitions to ensure that clients continue on their path toward achieving value and build a long-term connection with your brand and your products.

We’ll walk through critical steps to achieve high levels of client satisfaction in the transition.


Step 1: The Smooth Handoff

The transfer steps—from sales to onboarding and from onboarding to customer success—are some of the most difficult because they are often forgotten in the process. These steps help transfer knowledge about the client and their needs internally. Without proper handoff and transitions, your clients will end up repeating the same things over and over, and probably feel frustrated and unimportant. Schedule designated times for these teams to meet and review all the pertinent information at the time of the transition. Your client onboarding software should also offer the capability to share information seamlessly among team members for better transitions.


Step 2: Set Deadlines, and Expectations

Customers want to know what’s happening in their onboarding process, so it’s important to have a schedule, share deadlines, and stick to it. An endless onboarding process just frustrates you and your clients. If you’re struggling to keep everyone on task throughout the process, GUIDEcx® client onboarding software makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page and keep everyone accountable to their deadlines.


Step 3: Use Client Onboarding Software to Document the Transition

You all know the customer success handoff is the last step, so how do things keep falling through the cracks? Perhaps it’s because you haven’t assigned those crucial tasks. Just like every other step of your onboarding process, include a final workflow for handoff that involves your transition meeting, providing contact information to your clients for a member of the success team, and taking time to answer any lingering onboarding questions before the customer success team takes over. The GUIDEcx solution can track all these important steps and ensure you’re transitions move smoothly.


Step 4: Evaluate and Improve

You cannot improve what you don’t measure, and client onboarding is no different. Once the handoff to customer success is complete, take some time with your onboarding team to debrief and share information about any hiccups or challenges, as well as successes, in the process. Brainstorm solutions for improvement and get ready for your next onboarding!

Find out more about how GUIDEcx client onboarding software can improve every step of your process—beginning at the sales-to-onboarding transition and wrapping up with the onboarding-to-customer success handoff. Give our 14-day free trial a try to see what makes our solution the right choice for SaaS companies.

Harris Clarke


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