GUIDEcx’s New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

Dec 29, 2021
guidecx's new year's resolutions 2022

As the new year approaches and we anticipate a fantastic 2022, we are creating a list of our company-wide New Year’s resolutions and goals. GUIDEcx has two main resolutions we want to focus on as we continue to build on the momentum of a great 2021. 

Having recently introduced GUIDEcx Navigator, the perfecting process now begins. And, with that system launch, we are even more well-positioned to expand our company, targeting larger, enterprise markets. Read on to learn more about GUIDEcx’s New Year’s resolutions for 2022.


Further Advance the GUIDEcx Navigator Reporting Engine

This enterprise-level feature we recently released to our customers is the only reporting engine of its kind for client onboarding. And although it took months to build and release, there’s still some perfecting we’d like to do for 2022. 

One thing we’d like to do is slowly remove our older reporting dashboards. With the release of the Navigator, these dashboards have become more irrelevant. We still want to make the information on these dashboards available, but this transition would be the next big step in incorporating the Navigator Reporting Engine. 


Expand Our Market Growth

As 2021 is coming to a close, we’ve already taken our first steps into some major market growth. On G2, our market presence has increased as our ratings for being a High Performer has paid off. With both of those combined, we’re classified as a Leader and the No. 1 ranked product for Client Onboarding

The truth is, every B2B company has some sort of client onboarding process. We want to let the world know that perfecting, customizing, and advancing that process is actually very simple. The benefits to a good client onboarding can last beyond the onboarding, and even longer than that!


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