GUIDEcx, the Category Leader in Client Onboarding, Celebrates Their Five-Year Anniversary

Nov 28, 2022

This November, GUIDEcx® celebrates its five-year anniversary as the category creator and leader in customer onboarding. With over 250,000 successful onboarding projects completed since 2017, GUIDEcx knows how to leverage its knowledge and experience to deliver a best-in-class implementation process. 

The best companies in the world were created to solve a problem and GUIDEcx is no different. To understand more of the GUIDEcx origin story, here’s some details revealing how we became a category creator, and how we approached creating our software. We’ll also review some of our major milestones, and then discuss what’s next for the organization. 

GUIDEcx Is Born

While working at his previous company, GUIDEcx Founder and CEO, Peter Ord, recognized a need in the market for a platform that could deliver products and services in a timely manner, with clear communication, that exceeded customer expectations. He saw first-hand the issues caused by a poor implementation process and he made it his mission to solve this problem.

Peter knew he could create a platform that would better serve the customer. With his background in construction management, Peter approached the problem with an appreciation for the critical path. Having studied and worked in a variety of construction scheduling programs, he recognized that software could be used to automate the process of customer onboarding. 

Using that critical path methodology, Peter set out to create a platform that would optimize the experience with built-in dependency logic and notifications. He began with the goal of answering three questions:

  • What is this product or service? 
  • When is it going to be delivered?
  • Where am I at in the process?

“The best companies in the world do things so that customers don’t have to call them,” Peter says. Knowing that technology was the answer, Peter left his job to begin designing a software that would answer each of these questions; and thus the initial GUIDEcx platform was born.

GUIDEcx Creates the Customer Onboarding Category

In November 2017, Ord started his own SaaS company with the goal of providing a customer onboarding process that was easy to navigate for providers and customers, was fully transparent and delivered value. Ord’s implementation solution would revolutionize the customer onboarding process and eventually lead to the creation of a brand-new category: customer onboarding.

In the fast-paced world of SaaS companies, very few people can lay claim to being the first at something, but Peter Ord can. Ord’s vision for a best-in-class onboarding solution, natural entrepreneurial instincts and dedication to helping people work better together has fueled the growth of GUIDEcx from an idea to solve a gap in the market to being named one of the Fastest Growing Companies of 2022 by GrowjoAuto Draft 

GUIDEcx’s customer onboarding platform services verticals in all industries, including nonprofit, SaaS, health, finance, education, automotive, and more! No matter the industry, the GUIDEcx solution provides the automation, support, and faster time-to-value organizations need to provide the best customer experience. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience as the leader in the customer onboarding industry, with our clients.

GUIDEcx Major Milestones and Timeline

Since its inception in November of 2017, GUIDEcx has experienced several exciting milestones. These include securing our very first office, hiring the 100th employee, and doubling revenue every single year. Here’s a closer look at the GUIDEcx timeline:

Additional milestones we’re incredibly proud of include doubling our revenue every year in business, achieving numerous wins for our customer, providing a healthcare plan for our employees, and being recognized as both the customer onboarding category creator and leader by many verticals.

GUIDEcx’s success has been due in large part to the incredible customers and employees that work together to create a winning partnership. At the heart of GUIDEcx is the desire to help people work better together. GUIDEcx prides itself on an incredible team of professionals who are committed to guiding customers to success.

GUIDEcx deeply values its relationship with each of our customers. To learn more about some of our incredible customers, you can read case studies of clients in the financial sector, automotive industry, and more!

“GUIDEcx is a game changer as far as project management goes,” said Ann Mooney, Head of Implementation, Epion Health. “It ‘destroys timelines’ by eliminating redundancy, delivering consistency, and creating expectations for the team and the client.”

Recognition & Awards

Receiving recognition for the hard work and passion dedicated to creating both the category and the GUIDEcx platform, “Feels invigorating,” says Peter. GUIDEcx has won several awards since their early inception including four #1’s in the G2 “Client Onboarding” category, as part of the top B2B services and reviews website bi-annual awards. In 2022 alone, GUIDE was awarded the “Best Customer Success Tool” in the 2022 Customer Success Collective Awards and named as the “Best SaaS Products for Customer Services/CRM” and “Bespoke SaaS Solution of the Year” in the 2022 SaaS Awards. In addition, Harris Clarke, COO at GUIDEcx, was awarded “COO of Year” by Silicon Slopes in early 2022. GUIDEcx continues to pursue excellence and puts the customer experience first in all that they do. These awards shine a light on the amazing efforts of the organization and employees to be the way people engage with one another towards a common goal.

What’s Next for GUIDEcx

Known for his high energy and positive attitude, Peter is on an ongoing quest to provide the best possible experience for GUIDEcx’s onboarding clients and their employees.

“There comes a time in every person’s career when success stops being the main motivator and being more significant becomes the main motivator,” says Peter. “Being significant means being meaningful—not only in our customers’ and employees’ lives but in any life that we touch as well.”

In an effort to “build Rome,” Peter and his team are continuously working to create an environment where people love to work and are proud of their achievements. “That’s the kind of environment I get excited about,” says Peter.

Like the early engineers who passionately built Rome, GUIDEcx continues to build ecosystems within the company where people take ownership of their respective roles. As our company has grown and expanded, we continue to focus our company culture on the happiness and personal growth of our employees. This company culture bleeds into customer relationships as we Guide, Engage, and Unite organizations through the complex process of customer onboarding. 

Says Peter about his experience developing the GUIDEcx platform, “The thought of helping B2B companies level up their customer experience to meet the modern customer expectations of the modern day consumer, that was the lightbulb moment!”

He continues, “No one has ever said ‘I don’t believe in that problem.’ or ‘I don’t believe we should make a customer experience better.’ Everyone has been part of a poor customer experience. Everyone agrees that this is a problem. That is what excites me about GUIDEcx: We can build a product for the masses, which is focused more on the individuals, not just the marketing product or service.”

As reflected in GUIDEcx’s most recent updates and integrations, we will continue to be the way people engage with one another while working toward a common goal. 

To learn more about GUIDEcx’s latest features and updates, contact your GUIDEcx account manager. New to the GUIDEcx offerings? Take a moment to schedule a demo now.


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