GUIDEcx Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

By Corey AmEnde
Sep 28, 2022


The GUIDEcx team is comprised of over 100 extremely talented individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. The unique perspective from each employee helps to drive creativity and foster an environment that puts an emphasis on teamwork in the workplace.  

Our mission as a company is to “Help people work better together,” and that isn’t just for our customers – this is something that our entire team subscribes to. The GUIDEcx team embraces the limitless potential that comes from working together as a team for one common goal. 

In celebration of our diverse workforce and to honor Hispanic Heritage Month, we are putting the spotlight on our employees. 

Meet Brayan Fischer

Brayan Fischer is a Sales Development Manager with GUIDEcx. He was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. His great-great-grandparents on his mother’s side migrated to Chile from Italy, in search of new opportunities. Due to his mother’s lineage and a naturalization process, Brayan is also an Italian citizen.  

Brayan has a wife and a 13-month-old son. His family enjoys going for walks, exploring parks, and finding new local restaurants. Weekends are family time in the Fischer household. On Saturday and Sunday, the Fischers like to spend time at Brayan’s parent’s house, watch movies and feast on Italian and Chilean food.  

Growing up, Brayan spent a lot of time playing tennis and soccer. He made it to a semi-professional soccer team right before he moved to the United States of America. He still finds time to lace up his cleats for a pick-up game with friends. 

His biggest dream and bucket-list item is to spend more time traveling, visiting new countries, and going skydiving at each destination.  

Brayan joined the GUIDEcx team because he was looking for an opportunistic company that was up for the challenge to grow and expand. “GUIDEcx has proven that because of its people and culture,” said Brayan. “Our software is by far the best Customer Onboarding solution.” 

The close-knit team that Brayan is a member of embraces the opportunity to show people all over the globe a better customer onboarding experience. 

“It fascinates me seeing my counterparts find their success, seeing them grow and become true champions after long hours on the phones,” Brayan said. “I get to learn from each SDR, recognize and capitalize their strengths, find ways to work together on areas of improvement, recognize our failures and small mistakes and allow corrections when necessary.” 

Brayan credits a strong leadership team for creating an environment that fosters growth in the employees. 

“GUIDEcx has allowed and helped me become a better person. I am grateful for being recognized as who I am, what my strengths are, how to grow even more, where I come from and what my future holds. I have decided to become the leader who is going to raise the bar; help our department be the best one yet, to try and break records each quarter, and help each individual become the next leader of this company,” said Brayan. 

“I am grateful for allowing me and other Latinos to be part of this adventure. We have found a place of opportunity, warmth, recognition, and success. Latinos at GUIDEcx: we innovate & make a difference!” 



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