GUIDEcx and Maxio Celebrate 4 Years Together!

Dec 8, 2022

As GUIDEcx celebrates their five year anniversary, we recognize our amazing growth is due to our fabulous customers. As one of our earliest clients, Maxio (formerly known as SaaSOptics) joined hands with GUIDEcx in November of 2018 to help each other grow and become the organizations we are today. Maxio, a financial operations platform for B2B SaaS leaders looking to grow through revenue management, had previously used a spreadsheet system to manage their onboarding process. Recognizing they needed a stronger system that provided increased visibility into the process, they turned to GUIDEcx.

“After talking with the [GUIDEcx] sales reps, we immediately knew that this was going to be the solution for us,“ says Paul Ventresca, director of implementations at Maxio. “They have the ability to provide access to our customers. Individual contributors can see the project and the plan. It helps our customers understand what their level of effort is going to be and the timeline of how long the onboarding process is going to take.”

GUIDEcx proved to be the solution they were looking for, increasing customer engagement, providing improved transparency into the process, and creating increased capacity within the onboarding team.

What It’s Like to Work with GUIDEcx

In 2021 after a recent brand acquisition, Maxio rolled out a GUIDEcx implementation a second time. This secondary rollout opened their eyes to the power of GUIDEcx. “How did we even do this before GUIDEcx?” asks Paul. “We didn’t know where the projects were. I didn’t have that visibility. Being able to pull that data in [has] made it a lot easier for me. It’s made it easier for the implementation team. It’s made the customer experience so much better.”

Maxio appreciates their shared partnership with GUIDEcx. “The team is always responsive and always available to answer any questions we have,” says Paul. “It really has been a great experience. We are fully vested with [GUIDEcx]. We’ve really been part of the journey as GUIDEcx has grown, and they’ve been part of our journey as we’ve grown.”

GUIDEcx Has Benefited Maxio’s Internal Stakeholders

As the director of implementations, Paul appreciates the reporting GUIDEcx provides on task assignments, project progress, and customer engagement as he assigns projects and manages team members. 

“Having that valuable insight as a director is very important and allows me to see who is available to take on new projects, making sure we’re assigning to the right team members,” says Paul. “Having all that is a huge benefit.”

GUIDEcx has allowed Maxio to better track time, recognize which team members can take on more responsibility, and increase overall bandwidth for the implementation team. Says Paul, “Within one year of implementing GUIDEcx, [Maxio was] able to increase capacity by 46%.” This increase in capacity has allowed Maxio to bring on and support additional customers.

How GUIDEcx Has Benefited Maxio’s Customers

Maxio’s mission to “Combine the best technology already on the market together to create a unified financial operations solution for B2B SaaS companies” is clearly evident in the impressive customer experience they provide. Implementing GUIDEcx has allowed them to further improve the customer journey. Some of the benefits Maxio’s customers have received with the Maxio/GUIDEcx partnership include the following:

  • Integration Automation. GUIDEcx offers several integration options as part of their Integration Marketplace. The Salesforce managed package has been a huge help to Maxio, allowing them to review data they couldn’t previously see in Salesforce. The integration automation GUIDEcx provides has eliminated the need to create projects manually. This automation of systems has made the process more seamless for Maxio customers.
  • Time Tracking. Without GUIDEcx, Maxio was unable to truly track their time spent on projects. Having the ability to track individual time allows internal stakeholders to see how much time a team member is spending on certain projects and tasks. That allows Maxio to improve the process and create stronger visibility for the customer. This increased transparency has improved customer accountability.
  • Engagement. After implementing the GUIDEcx platform, Maxio has seen a significant increase in customer engagement. Maxio’s onboarding templates now allow customers to begin onboarding even before their initial kick-off call. GUIDEcx’s automation communicates next steps to the customer, letting the customer know if they’re on time, behind, or even ahead of schedule. 

How GUIDEcx, Maxio, and Our Valued Customers Work Together to Make a Better Platform

In an effort to improve their customer journey, Maxio has created an internal GUIDEcx team, which meets once a month to review templates, analyze reporting, and discuss all the latest functions and new features from GUIDEcx. This meeting has become an integral part of Maxio’s internal processes and meetings. 

From those meetings, Maxio works with their GUIDEcx customer success manager on a regular basis to provide feedback from customers on how the process went. GUIDEcx uses this valuable feedback from Maxio and our other clients to constantly improve and implement new features and updates.

Is GUIDEcx the Solution for Your Organization?

“If you need help managing your process for an onboarding, GUIDEcx would really be the perfect solution for you,” says Paul. “It not only gives you valuable insight for your team. It also gives your customers a clear path and sets the right expectations on their level that work. You immediately see a decrease in your onboarding duration, and you have a better understanding of where your time is spent, which helps improve the customer onboarding experience overall. It also helps your team with the internal processes as well.”

With GUIDEcx, you can increase project visibility with powerful automation and reporting tools, create transparency and ownership within tasks, track progress toward deadlines, and improve the customer journey. As the leader in customer onboarding, GUIDEcx provides a new level of insight into your onboarding process. To learn more about how GUIDEcx can address your business needs, schedule a demo with one of our Guides.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Maxio improved their overall customer experience and cut their onboarding process by six weeks with GUIDEcx!

To learn more about our latest updates and features recently implemented as part of our Q4 update release, contact your GUIDEcx account manager. New to the GUIDEcx offerings? Take a moment to schedule a demo now.


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