GUIDEcx 2022: Year In Review

Dec 27, 2022
When we talk about the development of GUIDEcx, we often compare the company’s growth to building Rome. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day—it took consistent, dedicated effort marked by multiple momentous milestones. Likewise, GUIDEcx has steadily grown through baby steps and huge leaps forward. 

Indeed, the past year has felt like one of the defining time periods in the evolution of GUIDEcx—a year when at times it seemed we built the equivalent of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and St. Peter’s Basilica all at once.

Among our many accomplishments in 2022, GUIDEcx delivered  our new customer dashboard, introduced CSAT Surveys (our customer satisfaction tool), and unveiled the Integrations Marketplace. GUIDEcx’s efforts have been recognized in many ways, including being named the second Fastest-Growing Company of 2022 by GrowJo in the tech services and SaaS industry—just one of the several prestigious ways in which we were recognized this past year. Additionally, we received $25 million in Series B funding, welcomed our 100th team member to the GUIDEcx family, and took up residence in our brand-new building.

“Our relentless, continuing quest to reimagine the B2B onboarding experience for customers is really the driving force behind all of GUIDEcx’s monumental successes in 2022,” says Peter Ord, CEO. “Five years ago, we set out to create an entirely new SaaS category called ‘customer onboarding.’ With our latest round of accomplishments in 2022, we’re truly staying on track to build Rome.”

As 2022 draws to a close, let’s take a look back at GUIDEcx’s most important accomplishments of the year.

Awards and Recognitions

guidecx award 2022

GUIDEcx’s ability to reinvent the customer onboarding experience is made possible by a passionate, creative team of dedicated professionals–affectionately referred to as “Guides”. With their talents leading the way, we are pleased to have been recognized by a number of prestige organizations within the SaaS community:

GUIDEcx Named Best Customer Success Tool: From a pool of nearly 300 nominations, GUIDEcx won the Best Customer Success Tool award during the 2022 Customer Service Collective Awards.

GUIDEcx Won Two SaaS Awards: The SaaS Awards are the Oscars of the business software industry. GUIDEcx earned two recognitions during the globally competitive 2022 SaaS Awards: Best SaaS Products for Customer Services/CRM and Bespoke SaaS Solution of the Year. 

GUIDEcx Nabbed Best Relationship Product Recognition from G2 Reports: G2 is considered the gold standard for authentic customer reviews of software products. GUIDEcx was named the Best Relationship Product in the Relationship Index category in the Fall 2022 G2 Report and the Best Relationship Product in the Project Management category in the Winter 2023 G2 Report. Other top distinctions for GUIDEcx this year included being ranked the Best Relationship in the Project Management category and the Best Relationship in the Workflow Management category in the Spring 2022 G2 Report. The G2 honors for GUIDEcx also encompassed several additional awards in various categories in the Spring, Fall, and Winter reports. 

GUIDEcx Ranked Second Among Fastest-Growing Tech/SaaS Companies: Growjo ranked 10,000 companies overall and in our first year entering, GUIDEcx landed the #2 spot on Growjo’s list of fastest-growing companies in the tech services and SaaS categories for 2022.

GUIDEcx Executive Named COO of Year: Harris Clarke, GUIDEcx’s Chief Operating Officer, earned the coveted COO of the Year award during the 2022 Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame Awards. Clarke, has played an integral role in building GUIDEcx since the company’s inception and will be the first to tell you that this award represents the consistent efforts of the world-class team at GUIDEcx.

Product Updates and New Features

Not a day goes by that the GUIDEcx team isn’t working on the latest generation of updates and features to our award-winning customer onboarding ecosystem. In 2022, our team is proud to have presided over countless releases and updates throughout the year Each of these releases has dramatically expanded the features, capabilities and performance of the GUIDEcx platform. 

As founder and CEO Peter Ord explained during the October release, the goal of each release is threefold: optimize our clients’ processes, drive customer satisfaction, and reduce customer churn. Highlights from the three releases include the following:

Project Team Builder: Help project managers quickly build the support system they need to create a smooth onboarding process. The tool includes the ability to confirm that every internal task has been assigned to the right team member with the right skillset  team member.

Calendar Sync: This calendar sync tool automates the process of assigning tasks through either Outlook or Google Calendar. The tool creates an uninterrupted, seamless pairing between GUIDEcx and individual team members’ calendaring systems.

Tasks Groups: Enables users to generate additional layers for subtasks. These subtasks can be grouped together at a lower level than a milestone, they can trigger a completion message when completed and they enhance the dynamics of dependencies when used.

New Jira Integration: Enhances the way dev teams manage customer work across Jira and GUIDEcx.

New Roles and Permissions Options: New options for roles and permissions that give GUIDEcx users and administrators enhanced control and easier access to their work in GUIDEcx.

New Customer Dashboard: GUIDEcx unveiled an updated Customer Dashboard that improves and streamlines many features, including viewing all projects for a particular customer in one place, analyzing project and task completion status, and tracking customer satisfaction.

CSAT Tool (Customer Satisfaction Surveys): GUIDEcx released an update to allow teams to capture feedback from their customers in an easy to use CSAT survey at the milestone and project level. This delivers actionable insights to companies to see which are the high-points and low-points of satisfaction during their onboarding experience so they can better deliver on the value and service they offer their customers.

Integrations Marketplace: GUIDEcx launched a an  Integrations Marketplace making it easy to integrate with countless other systems. The data and insights during onboarding are so valuable to the rest of the customer journey and now making that data available is easier than ever. In all, we have more than 1,000 GUIDEcx integration applications.

Status Change Reasons: Prompts users to populate the reason why a project is in a certain status.. With this data, GUIDEcx can analyze trends in the reasons why, enabling project managers to gain deeper insights into the reasons behind these changes and stakeholders/executives to manage the trends they see across projects.

Conferences, Conventions, and Webinars

At GUIDEcx, we’re about so much more than just building the best-in-class customer onboarding software. We’re also in the business of helping organizations and business leaders across all industries understand and appreciate the strategic importance of being able to offer a positive onboarding experience to their customers.

In 2022, we hosted multiple free GUIDEcx webinars on timely topics related to customer onboarding. All of these webinars were recorded and are available on our website. 

Founder and CEO Pete Ord spoke about the power of a positive customer onboarding experience during a presentation at SaaStr Annual 2022, the world’s largest nonvendor B2B software conference, where we also hosted a booth and served as a Super Gold Sponsor.  At that same conference our COO Harris Clarke and head of Training, Kimberley Francis presented to a standing room only crowd on how to 10x your customer trust. Harris Clarke also presented at the Customer Success Collective–walking the audience through the guidebook on how to leverage onboarding to drive customer success.

We look to continue the momentum with our events into 2023. Make sure you are following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates on webinars and trade shows.

Other Milestones

The accomplishments and recognitions for GUIDEcx in 2022 extend beyond awards and recognitions, product and feature updates, and our robust education and outreach efforts. To further underscore GUIDEcx’s banner year, let’s take a look back at three other key success stories from the past year:

Peter Basile

Chief Marketing Officer

Cody Irwin

Vice President of Product

Executive Hires: In 2022, GUIDEcx welcomed our first Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Basile, and our new Vice President of Product, Cody Irwin. Basile has more than 20 years of experience leading sales and marketing roles in the tech space and is already hard at work amplifying our message about the importance of transforming the onboarding experience for customers. Irwin, meanwhile, has more than 15 years of experience in the tech industry, between big data, Google and including Utah’s Silicon Slopes. He is tasked with ensuring a seamless transition to market and second-to-none GUIDEcx customer experience.

Corporate Rebrand: As our company has evolved over the past five years and we’ve gained clarity and purpose about where we’re going, GUIDEcx launched a corporate rebranding initiative in 2022 to more authentically and comprehensively capture our identity. Our new branding communicates the concept that we’re an invaluable guide helping our clients through the customer onboarding process and that behind our software are human beings who are highly skilled and passionate about helping people work better together.

Filmed in Utah, our new brand film captures the essence of what it means to be a Guide. The brand film is a showcase piece for our rebranding efforts that launched this summer. The new look puts a spotlight on authenticity by embodying our three brand pillars: Wisdom, Trust, and Human.

Fifth Anniversary: During our fifth anniversary in November, we focused on celebrating the fact that we didn’t just build a great company—we built an entirely new SaaS category known as customer onboarding. In just five years, we have cemented our place in the market and created a loyal, engaged following.

Employee Growth: In 2022, GUIDEcx doubled the number of team members working within the organization (welcoming our 100th!). GUIDEcx strives to hire those that are kind, optimistic, empathetic, and self-aware. We have been able to continuously attract these types of individuals. We are dedicated to helping people work together better, and those efforts are reflected in our 4.85 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor, with one review stating, “The company has worked hard to build a strong bond and amazing culture for their employees.” 

New Office: We were excited to unveil our new offices this year in Lehi, Utah. This beautiful new facility houses 70 employees and boasts 25,000 sq. ft. We are thrilled to be able to provide a place for our employees to call home. Our new office allows us to better serve our customers as we continue to deliver the leading customer onboarding platform services. 

“To say we are looking forward to sharing our award-winning products and services with customers old and new next year would be an understatement,” says Harris Clarke, GUIDEcx’s COO. “We have so much coming to help people work better together.”

As we look forward to the next five years, we’re continuing our quest to build Rome. We’re cultivating an environment in which people love to work and are proud of their achievements. We’re continuously updating and expanding our GUIDEcx platform, an encompassing, user-friendly business ecosystem that guides, engages, and unites customers at every stage of their onboarding experience.

GUIDEcx is proud to be recognized as the No. 1-rated client onboarding software. To learn more about GUIDEcx’s industry-leading approach to customer onboarding, please reach out to us today to request a free demo. We look forward to speaking with you and sharing our in-depth strategy and advice about the onboarding experience.


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