A Letter from Our CEO: Giving Gratitude this Thanksgiving

By Peter Ord
Nov 22, 2021
thank you

When I first had the idea to start GUIDEcx in 2017, I sketched my ideas down on napkins during family vacations. Fast forward just three years later and those little pencil-drawn thoughts are now the top client onboarding platform for business professionals across the world – and it’s all thanks to you.

Despite the pandemic continuing to challenge the work environments of people everywhere, we saw a resilience for teams to stay on the same page and a strong need for purpose-driven products like GUIDEcx. That push led to the creation of a brand-new category on G2, the world’s top B2B services and review platform with our customers rating us as the No. 1 SaaS onboarding tool. The recognition helped put us in front of so many more eyes and we’re proud to say we were awarded 14 badges just this past quarter by G2 including the coveted “Best Relationship” distinction for Fall 2021.

Overall, we were able to achieve a whopping triple digit percentage of growth this year alone. That meant our team kept growing, making us now over 70 employees strong. These individuals are some of the most dedicated that I have ever seen, working around-the-clock to make sure that we’re right there when you need us for your projects. When we read a report revealing that almost 90% of consumers feel that companies could provide a better client onboarding experience, we decided to introduce new features in the form of time-tracking and resource management to better enhance the overall new customer experience and reduce time to value. The rollout of these updates could not have been possible without our skilled engineering team members who made the process virtually seamless.

Whether you’ve been a client with us since the beginning or one we met this year at one of the many conferences like SaaStr or StartFEST, your belief in GUIDEcx as the must-have client onboarding solution for your team has fueled our growth. We are so proud to serve clients in the SaaS, health, finance, education, and automotive industries, with plans to continue expanding so that everyone can provide a seamless and transparent experience for all internal and external teams to propel their success even higher.

Lastly, I want to end with a quick thought from my grandfather who lived to be 104 years old. He always wrote quotes on little sticky notes, and I later found a box of them in storage with his ever-great life advice that ranged from spiritual and motivational messages to professional and political. On one of the notes, there was a General George S. Patton quote that read “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” Ever the wise man, my grandpa knew that this could be applied to many aspects of our lives. If we are waiting for perfect, we’re paralyzed. We will never not know what is working if we don’t take action because action is what creates value. If we wait, we never will progress.

I wish you and your loved ones a joyous Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday season ahead.


In Gratitude,

Peter Ord

Peter Ord


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