Create a B2B Experience with That B2C Shimmer

By Harris Clarke
Sep 20, 2021

Here at GUIDEcx, our mission is to help project managers and client success teams invite, guide, and engage their customers through the most critical customer lifecycle stage.

In other words, to paraphrase the celebrity hair and beauty entrepreneur Vidal Sassoon, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

Our bread and butter is the B2B space, but that doesn’t mean our customers don’t appreciate—if not expect—a positive onboarding experience that they can pass along to their customers. And that includes establishing trust in the beginning, working with existing preferred processes, and maintaining transparency for internal workflow while also simplifying outreach.

We recognize that our customers work hard to build a more substantial customer base of their own. That’s why our onboarding system has features that streamline essential project management tasks explicitly designed for new customer onboarding. 

Here are three ways we’ve instituted a client onboarding process that has a polished B2C feel for your B2B clients. 


Introduce Your Customer Success Manager and Team

Your new client is curious to know who they’ve entrusted with their money, time, brand, and onboarding experience. So the primary focus of your customer success team is to establish trust quickly. 

Welcome the new client and introduce yourself and key members of the customer success team. Helpscout says about 56 percent of companies who have had a coaching call on a trial basis converted to paying customers. This is your opportunity to reaffirm their decision to work with you, then clarify the customer’s expectations, goals, and insight on what they expect from the onboarding experience. 

More importantly, show them the project dashboard where they can track the project’s milestones and timelines. Be clear on the client’s point person when they have questions, and emphasize that all of the information they need is tracked on a single source of truth.   


Provide a Single Source of Truth

Using a single comprehensive overview that easily handles outreach to stakeholders and team members focuses on your customer. Instead of scrolling through email threads to find answers, which is typical in B2B models, or worse, texting the project manager at all hours, stakeholders can access the project’s dashboard for the information they want at any time and any place. That transparency strengthens trust, and it also keeps the project moving forward by balancing time and resources where it’s needed most.       

“If you’re running behind on a project or even ahead of schedule, let the right people know! Keep a record of it in a system everyone has access to and automate your updates if possible,” says Shawn Stinson, director of customer success at GUIDEcx. “By creating a communication pattern, you are proactively answering questions before they get asked. This way, fewer people are asking where you’re at in a project, and they can look for the updates themselves.”

When they need to text or email a team member, they can engage directly on the dashboard. No login is required. 


Be Consistent in Delivery 

Your sales team established a cadence on what a new client can expect from you. As your customer success team engages in onboarding, consistency in response times and updates, for example, is essential for maintaining that trust. Keep in mind that just one bad experience will trigger 33 percent of clients to seek out another company, so we believe that using a system that automates task updates and handles outreach to internal and external stakeholders is vital to meet the customer’s expectations.  

Speaking of consistency, let’s talk about systems. Your client has preferences on which software and applications they use with their workflow process. Requiring a new client to implement a completely new system and then spend valuable time moving data and learning new software is time-consuming and expensive. 

Remember, your job is to help boost your client’s business performance, not dismantle it. That’s why our onboarding system seamlessly integrates with existing systems and won’t require a complete workflow overhaul. This ensures an efficient and consistent client onboarding process. 


At GUIDEcx, our motivation for creating a customer-centric client onboarding system for our B2B customers is to accentuate their strengths throughout their buyers’ journey. Using a system that streamlines the onboarding process with consistent, automated project management enables customers to continue moving forward with their business goals. 


Finding new customers is hard, but retaining them shouldn’t be. Let us show you how our client onboarding system can improve client retention, reduce customer churn, and prepare your company for revenue growth. For more information, click here.

Harris Clarke


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