Streamlining Your Post-Sales Timeline Increases Time-to-Value

There is a lot of information out there about how to close a sale, which is an important part of any business’ success, but for many companies what happens after the sale is actually more important than getting your clients to sign that contract. Client onboarding is the next step, and the speed with which you can move someone from signing on the dotted line to using your product efficiently and effectively can make the difference between long-term or customers that jump ship as soon as possible.

It’s essential to streamline the post-sales process to reduce the time it takes for your clients to realize that “first win” or “aha moment”. That provides value and reinforces why they purchased your product in the first place.


Welcome and Goals

The first step once a sale is closed is to welcome your new clients, and identify their needs and goals so you can provide the right training and information to allow them to use your products in the way that meets their goals. Automated welcome emails are the easiest way to get that first piece of information out, but make sure your emails are effective. They should provide:

  • A personalized welcome to the new client
  • Information for logging in to your software (usernames, passwords, etc.)
  • Information about the onboarding process and schedule
  • Contact information for who they will work with on the onboarding team
  • A short questionnaire to provide information about how they plan to use the software and what challenges they have faced in the past to prepare your team for the kickoff meeting


Communication is Key

One of the biggest challenges for most companies during the onboarding process is just having the right level of communication among all the players. That includes:

  • The sales team who has been working with the client and is now handing them off to onboarding or customer success teams
  • The onboarding team, which may include multiple members working to get the client ready to go on the platform
  • The client, who is excited about their new product and wants to get started as soon as possible

Streamlining communications between all these groups and teams is essential to keep the onboarding project on track, but sending 3,000 emails where everyone is copied on everything is not the best way to do it.

Instead, you need a software platform that will automate some communications, like schedules and reporting, and allow everyone to communicate, leave notes, collaborate, and check the status of where you are in the onboarding process.


Templated Workflows

Another important way to streamline the post-sales process is through templated workflows. The more defined your onboarding process, the easier it is for everyone on the team to follow it, which cuts down on wasted time and effort, and eliminates the possibility of missed tasks, missed deadlines, and things falling through the cracks (even in extreme situations when an important member of your onboarding team leaves or moves to a new position).

Find out how GuideCX can help you create a more streamlined workflow to move from the sales process to onboarding and make the best first impression with your clients. Schedule a demo today.

Todd White