GUIDEcx and Salesforce Integration


Keep GUIDEcx and Salesforce synced with the Salesforce integration so nothing slips through the cracks.

See how it’s done!

GUIDEcx + Salesforce

Automatically begin the onboarding process when you get a new client.

When a deal is marked “Closed Won” in Salesforce, you can automatically start a GUIDEcx project with all the right people. 

Salesforce can pull data from GUIDEcx and create a detailed report for you.

Use this integration with Zapier to get the best results!

Create Reports

 Create any GUIDEcx reports you need in Salesforce so you can get the data you need. However, GUIDEcx has its own advanced reporting system. 

example project sync
example project sync

Example Project Sync

 If you have active projects in GUIDEcx before you connect your Salesforce account, you can tie those projects to the “Closed-Won” opportunities. 

Salesforce + GUIDEcx FAQs

Will Salesforce build dashboards from the GUIDEcx integration?


Does GUIDEcx information get put into opportunities in Salesforce?
Can custom fields in Salesforce transfer to GUIDEcx?
Can I sync active GUIDEcx projects back to Salesforce?
Does this work with my Sandbox instance?

It sure does! Let us know if this is something you need so we can make sure things are pointing to your Sandbox rather than your production instance.

What our customers are saying…

“I am a Salesforce admin and had built similar things in the past but it doesn’t come close to what GuideCx offers. This is a great product for tracking projects/milestones. The visuals that come with the software are very easy to follow and very user-friendly.”

– Marie F.


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