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Take back your nights and weekends and let us carry some of the weight for you. Create a more engaging, yet faster onboarding experience for you and your customers. Here’s how we can help. 


New Features

Customer Dashboard

Better manage your customers with a high-level overview of their active projects, and gain insight into customer health via consolidated CSAT scores and aggregated task or project statuses.


Get valuable insights into how customers feel during and after their onboarding experience, enabling decisions to modify processes to deliver more customer service and value.

Integrations Marketplace

Your one-stop-shop for all available integrations, saving you valuable time. In addition to showing the available integrations, the marketplace will also show connections already made so providers can self-manage.

Status Change Reasons

Gives you the ability to track why a project is on hold, delayed or canceled so you can identify areas that require additional attention, mitigate risks for project delays and keep key stakeholders informed throughout the process.

Client Interaction, Engagement, and Visibility

Project and Task Management


Training and Services

Client Interaction, Engagement, and Visibility

Contributors and Guests

Bring everyone you need to the table to deliver projects faster and better. Pay only for the admin and product manager licenses—everyone else is free (four license minimum).

No Customer
Login Required

Clients can access their project however they prefer—through the web portal, email, or mobile app—no login required.


Access your project details and communicate with clients anytime and from anywhere. See all communication with new clients in one place.

Restricted Visibility Settings
for External Teams

Keep clients focused on their tasks by restricting access to your internal process tasks. You can give clients read-only access to your tasks, share only the task name, or hide the task.

Private Internal

Show clients the progress you are making on their project but keep behind-the-scenes exchanges and internal comments out of sight.

Project and Task Management

The Compass Experience

The Compass Experience removes the noise of traditional project management tools, making it easier for users to engage in and complete assigned onboarding tasks.

GUIDEcx Navigator Reporting Engine

Get the most advanced enterprise-level reporting on everything from onboarding revenue to project managers and to onboarding projects. Easily share and set up scheduled report deliveries.


Dependency Logic

Create dependencies between tasks and milestones so assignments go out at the right time—automatically.

Manage Multiple Project Plans
as a Single Project

Improve efficiency by adding multiple templates to your project and managing them in a single project view.

Forecasted End Date

When tasks are delayed—or completed early—GUIDEcx automatically updates the project’s forecasted end date.

Group Task

Assign a single task to multiple people. Track when every person has completed their part.

Global Project
Trend/Reporting Suite

Track internal analytics on what speeds up or delays projects to improve implementation processes.


Toggle between list view and timeline view to choose how you want to see start and finish dates for all your projects.


Use this view to see detailed timelines with task dependencies and milestones.


Surface bottlenecks and keep projects moving. Automate repeatable steps and use templates to replicate success.


See whose time is over- or under-allocated. Be more accurate when forecasting timelines and project completion dates by understanding—down to the task level—who is available each day.


Get insights into what implementations cost you. Analyze which tasks and milestones take the most time and use that data to optimize and create better client estimates.


Create a central repository for all your project-related documents by uploading all your relevant content. This is useful for centralizing training materials or project-specific information.


Dealing with sensitive information? Protected attachments require GUIDEcx authentication for access.

Single Sign On

Manage all access across multiple users and multiple enterprise applications. Improve security and make life easier.


Project Portal

Upload your own logo and colors to the GUIDEcx portal for a world-class, consistent customer experience.

Individual Projects

Does your company have different logos for different services? No problem. Use specific logos or client logos for each project.

Automated Emails
Sent from Your Domain

Your customers want to hear from you, not us. GUIDEcx handles the automation, but emails come from you.

Training and Services


Free Onboarding
Training Sessions

We care about your success! A free training session will answer your most pressing questions and cover next steps.


Live Chat

Hit a snag and need help right away? Use the live chat to get real-time help from GUIDEcx onboarding experts.


Designated Customer
Success Manager

You provide personalized service, and so do we. Contact your customer success manager with questions at any time.


Training Sessions

Bringing new hires on in the middle of the onboarding process? No sweat. We can get new hires up to speed.



Need to talk? GUIDEcx onboarding experts are available to answer questions over the phone during business hours (US timezones).



GUIDEcx can help you increase capacity and replicate success. Identify opportunities for growth with business reviews.

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