Alleva Reduces Client Implementation Time by 68%, Doubles Their Sales Team



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Alleva is an electronic medical records (EMR) platform designed to streamline the processes at behavioral health treatment centers. Their technology allows behavioral healthcare providers to improve their care and make better business decisions and clinical outcomes. As well as offers built-in insights that provide tailored recommendations. Alleva is here to help the helpers. They help facilities spend less time stressing over tedious record management and more time where their heart is—serving those in their care.


A Lengthy, Disorganized Onboarding Process

The Alleva team was seeking a better way to provide an excellent onboarding experience. Early on, the process often took six months or more to fully onboard each new client. Everything was tracked through Google sheets. Not only did this make for a less-than-organized system that was difficult to sort through, but it also made transitioning to software a daunting task. Medical records are valuable; misplacing them could mean losing valuable clientele and profits that would be detrimental to any treatment center. 

On top of this unstable onboarding process, Alleva began to grow rapidly in 2019. They were onboarding 15 to 20 clients every month and continuing to grow at a strong trajectory. This was exactly when they knew they needed more support to manage their client onboarding. They turned to GUIDEcx and haven’t looked back since. 


Unlocking Data, Organization, and Simplicity with GUIDEcx

GUIDEcx was exactly what the Alleva team needed. With GUIDEcx, Alleva gained the ability to delegate tasks more efficiently and have every department organized under a single roof. This made for a much more organized foundation for client relationships and allowed them to onboard more quickly and efficiently moving forward. 

With Google, the team was unable to track their processes. It was impossible to track how long it took to onboard new customers and gauge how pleased they were with the implementation. In their partnership with GUIDEcx, they knew they needed to be able to show their clients and investors what they were doing, how long a process would take, and track and collect the data to back everything up. GUIDEcx allowed them to do just that. 

While their team has grown and they now have four full-time trainers, Alleva can support this growth more effortlessly and manage staffing. Not only can they track performance and identify roadblocks, but they can also ensure that nothing falls through the cracks through custom-built templates. Although they have continuously become more complex and added new clients, GUIDEcx has simplified their processes.

“GUIDEcx has allowed us to do the heavy lifting and take care of the difficult projects. Without GUIDEcx, we wouldn’t have been able to get it all done.”

Training Director


Easier Client Onboarding and Total Transparency

The results of investing in GUIDEcx over the past three years have allowed Alleva to improve implementation time, grow their sales team, and complete more projects efficiently every month. Their average implementation time went from 213 days to 68 in less than a year — a 68% reduction. The sales team doubled in size in 2021, and they were able to bring on new employees without added stress. Each month, they have completed eight to 10 new projects, and they have done it more easily than ever before. 

While their original onboarding process left new clients intimidated and sifting through more tasks than even Alleva’s internal team, their newest custom template has allowed them to help clients feel more secure. The majority of onboarding tasks have now fallen to Alleva, allowing customers to focus on learning the system and improving their care rather than checking things off a list. According to Emilee Krupa, the training director at Alleva, “GUIDEcx has allowed us to do the heavy lifting and take care of the difficult projects. Without GUIDEcx, we wouldn’t have been able to get it all done.” 

GUIDEcx has also given Alleva the power to offer transparency to its clients. Through templates and workflows that provide total transparency to their clients, they build trust with each one of them, checking every box and showing them exactly what they are doing. 

Moving forward, Alleva looks forward to future updates from GUIDEcx, and they love their partnership with them. “When we brought ideas to the team for how they could improve the platform, GUIDEcx delivered quickly. Communication and response time have simply been wonderful,” says Krupa.

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