Signs Your Current Onboarding Process is Failing

By Peter Ord
Jul 28, 2020
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Customer onboarding is one of the most critical, but also one of the most often overlooked, aspects of success. If you’re not tracking and addressing problems in the onboarding process you could be experiencing high levels of churn (clients leaving right away or as soon as their contract is up) without knowing why.


Spot the Red Flags Early

Since onboarding can be a long and expensive process—a Forrester Research study estimated it could take up to 34 weeks and cost up to $25,000 for some financial institutions—it’s important to get it right. Here are some early warning signs of potential risks in the onboarding process.

  • Lack of initial engagement. One of the first signs of a problem is a lack of engagement from the start of your onboarding process. Clients are usually most excited about a new product or service right when they sign the contract, so that’s when you should expect the highest levels of engagement. If you notice low levels of activity—for example, you see that nobody on the team has even logged into the software—someone from your team should reach out immediately to discover what the problem is and correct it. In some cases, it may be as simple as not knowing where to log in, or automated emails with login credentials that went to junk mail. An engaged onboarding team can usually correct these things quickly.
  • Clients overwhelmed with information. Your job as an onboarding team is to help clients understand how to use your product successfully. Unfortunately, some onboarding processes think this means sending a “data dump” of all your knowledge base articles and links in a single email and hoping the client can sort through it all. Instead, carefully map out a successful customer’s journey through onboarding and provide enough information to keep them engaged and guide them along the process, without overwhelming them with everything at once.
  • Communication outside your designated channels. One of the most challenging things in a disorganized onboarding process is communication. Have clear channels available for clients to communicate with a single contact person so they don’t get frustrated and start reaching out to anyone they know at the company—in most cases the other people they contact can’t help anyway, so it just creates more frustration.


How to Stay on the Right Track

The best way to stay on the right track and avoid these red flags is to have a streamlined, seamless onboarding process that your team can implement with every client, and that is customizable to the specific needs of each one. GUIDEcx offers a new onboarding tool that goes above and beyond traditional project management systems with:

  • Customizable templates to launch each client onboarding process while minimizing the manual work required
  • Automated processes to keep clients informed and engaged without overburdening your team members
  • Simple communication tools between your team and your client so you never miss emails, have things go to a spam folder, or any other communication concerns
  • Transparency to allow your clients to see every step of the process so they know exactly where their onboarding is at and how close it is to completion

Find out more by contacting GUIDEcx today for a demo of our industry-leading client onboarding software.

Peter Ord


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