GuideCX Internship Program 2021
By Belle Ferro
Sep 14, 2021
GuideCX Interns 1

In the summer of 2021, GuideCX integrated nine interns into our company. This is the first official GuideCX internship program, but it certainly won’t be the last. 


Our first unofficial interns, Clayton Jorgensen and Jacob Buhler, are now full-time employees. They led our GuideCX internship program this summer and guided the interns through a process that’s familiar to them, as well as improved the program. There were three company departments the interns participated in: customer success, engineering, and business intelligence.


Besides learning skills from GuideCX, the interns were also given time with the CEO to learn about leadership. Every two weeks, the interns would gather for a leadership lunch to discuss important aspects of companies, how they function, and have any questions answered. Trips to Top Golf and Deer Creek Reservoir for some surfing were also a part of the internship program to create a fun, open environment.  


After completing their internship, many of the interns interviewed for full or part-time positions here at GuideCX. We have an open line of communication with them for any recommendations, resumé building, or just a chat!

If you have any questions about what it’s like to intern at GuideCX, you can reach out to Feel free to check our LinkedIn or our job postings to stay updated as well. Also, keep an eye out for us at career fairs around the Utah area!

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