3 Benefits of Using Social Media Groups to Boost Company Culture

By Harris Clarke
Oct 8, 2021
Boost Company Culture with Social Media Groups

When it comes to communicating big news to the entire company, there are many vehicles for message delivery. We’ve likely all sat through “State of the Company” presentations, read through corporate-written e-blasts, chimed in on group Slack channels, tuned into Zoom meetings, and participated in conference calls. But what about updating employees and clients on quick announcements, celebrations, shoutouts, or milestones? 

At GUIDEcx, we use a number of those traditional methods for our major announcements and meetings, but we have also fully embraced the power of social media groups to share fun bits of information. We have a very active GUIDEcx LinkedIn group, GUIDEcx Guides, where both team members and GUIDEcx clients share a variety of information on a regular basis. This social channel has proven to be a great, engaging way to broadcast successes, spotlight employees and clients, share motivational messages, give pro tips, and more

By creating this LinkedIn group, we have discovered that there are a number of direct benefits of using social media groups to help boost company culture. Here is a closer look at the top three.


Increased Knowledge

At GUIDEcx, we pride ourselves on inviting, guiding, and engaging our customers to better client implementation and onboarding outcomes, so it seemed natural that we provide the same guidance in a public-facing way for both clients and employees. Every Tuesday, we share a pro tip, something the entire group can benefit from. Our own quick-hit version of LinkedIn Learning, we know that, especially in the ever-changing tech world, continuing education is vital for employees to always improve and enhance their knowledge and skills. 

While our tips might seem simple at times, there are other ideas that can be game-changers for day-to-day work and even prompt the desire to learn more. And, from an employee perspective, continuing education can help advance careers and earning potential. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that advanced education of every kind can increase income by thousands of dollars a year. 



Everyone loves receiving a much-deserved “Atta Boy” for a job well done, right? While a pat on the back and recognition from your boss are always appreciated, those kudos are multiplied even more when they are shared publicly. 

No matter the level of significance, shouting out that person’s win or success in a public way is not only extremely rewarding but can also prove to be a great motivator. According to HR Daily Advisor, “praising in public pumps up the self-esteem of the worker being praised because the person is being shown off as an example of desirable behavior in front of his or her colleagues. It’s also a great way to demonstrate to others what desirable behavior looks like. Praising in public, therefore, serves as a teaching tool.”

Our Flex It Friday theme on the LinkedIn Group invites everyone to toot their own horn as they share their wins from the previous week. 


Communication and Collaboration

Allowing employees to spend time on social media during the workday, within reason, can prove beneficial for both the employee and your company. Social media breaks can help

  • provide a mental break during a hectic day,
  • allow for crowd-sourced problem solving,
  • invite sharing of updates from the company’s social media channels, 
  • improve work relationships as everyone gets to know each other better,
  • open up client prospecting opportunities, and 
  • learn more about clients and customers.

With those benefits in mind, we encourage our own employees to log in to LinkedIn regularly to learn more about our newly onboarded clients. Our Welcome Wednesday spotlights feature a “Guide of the Week”: one of our amazing customers as they share some insights into their own personality as well as some of the highlights of their job.

While some might view social media as something that can easily derail a large to-do list, there are some great benefits to embracing LinkedIn and Facebook groups, especially when you consider how they can improve communication and collaboration, broadcast team recognition, and increase knowledge.

Harris Clarke


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