5 Things GUIDEcx Learned from COVID-19

By Peter Ord
Sep 24, 2021
5 lessons from covid

It’s been more than 18 months since the pandemic began. Companies large and small either enacted work-from-home policies, pivoted to find new lines of service, or even, sadly, shut their doors. While some industries were some of the hit hardest, there were others that flourished amid the chaos, such as delivery services, fitness equipment retailers, and the tech industry. 

Another area that experienced a boom throughout the turmoil of COVID-19 was the tech industry. More than one-third of companies increased their use of digital technology to adapt to the crisis. For example, Zoom quickly became a common word in nearly everyone’s vernacular.

As more companies turned to technology to effectively work and maintain social interactions, the GUIDEcx team also noticed a significant increase in sales leads. Why? Because more and more companies sought out resources and tools to effectively onboard and manage their projects in this new hybrid work environment. Our growth continued as many people realized that remote-work software “helps employees stay productive no matter their location.”

B2B companies are realizing that traditional project management software doesn’t cut it for delivering work between companies at scale. Instead, they need to provide clear visibility into timelines, dependencies, and responsibilities. In addition, companies want it all to be automated. 

Like nearly every business across the globe, GUIDEcx made adjustments and adaptations, some internally and others that affected our product. Here are five lessons we learned and benefited from during COVID-19. 


Camaraderie Can Happen Virtually

While our GUIDEcx team worked remotely during the pandemic, we realized the hit it took to our in-office camaraderie. That energy was seriously missed, but we were able to get creative to fill that missing in-person bonding. We created fun Slack channels, created an internal LinkedIn page, and encouraged different employees to share motivational message every Monday. 


Pandemics Prompt Improvements

The new work-from-home norm prompted us to dive deeper into the systems we provided. After a good review, we decided to refresh our mobile app. We wanted to make it easier for teams to communicate with their customers during the onboarding process. That update alone was a big win for remote work and was directly prompted by the pandemic. 


Agility Is Necessary

Another lesson our GUIDEcx team learned was that we need to adapt and overcome. No one factors a global pandemic into their business plan, but pressing forward with strategic confidence helped us maintain our growth in an uncertain economic climate. There are many paths we could’ve taken forward with our company, but we wanted to thing long-term. So, we decided to put our employees first. 


You Need Transparency in Everything

At GUIDEcx, we pride ourselves on transparency, allowing for it in our onboarding system as well as within our own company communication. When it comes to surviving something as potentially devastating as a pandemic, companies need to be honest with their teams, with their clients, and with themselves. Don’t be afraid to move in the direction you know is the right one. People are usually more understanding than one would think. 


Quality Service Is Vital, No Matter What

COVID doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so the onus is on each individual and organization to provide a great work environment, a great product, and a great service to their customers regardless. This is especially important in the tech industry, where achieving this can sometimes be more difficult. This shared experience of a pandemic can help create bridges of empathy that drive partnerships and uncover potential that wasn’t visible before. Don’t get down—get to work! 

By creating remote camaraderie, exploring system improvements, remaining agile, maintaining transparency, and never compromising quality service, GUIDEcx has managed to thrive throughout this pandemic with plans to continue building on that momentum. 


Peter Ord


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