The Ultimate HealthTech Onboarding Guide


Healthcare companies now recognize healthtech companies‘ value, including cost savings and better patient care. However, the onboarding and implementation process can be daunting. It needs to be fast and match the level of digital implementation those clients expect.

Healthtech client onboarding differs from SaaS, Fintech, or other industries. Because a person’s health and livelihood can be at stake, a sense of urgency and anxiety goes into the onboarding. Doctors need to understand the healthtech platform quickly to continue treating patients seamlessly. Healthcare administrators certainly don’t take a break in processing documentation and contracts. And patients need to acquire their personal health information as securely and efficiently as possible. Figuring out how to effectively onboard healthtech software can be tricky. 

Here’s our guide on reducing the implementation time while building a more efficient and engaging healthtech onboarding process. 

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