Customer Dashboard

The Customer Dashboard is now available for Enterprise clients and provides a better way to manage your customers. Enterprise clients are able to view all customer projects, analyze project and task completion statuses, understand overall project timelines, and learn how satisfied your customer is with their onboard process.

GUIDEcx Onboarding Customer Dashboard Features

  • Primary Contact: Editable customer contact information 
  • Project Status Widget: Breaks down the percentage of projects that are On Time, On Hold, Late, and Completed* 
  • Task Status Widget: Breaks down the percentage of projects that are Done, Remaining, and Late. The graph links out to the projects page, which will be filtered automatically to display the selected task status. 
  • Average CSAT: Average CSAT score for customers.
  • Project Table: Displays all active and completed* customer projects, details on status, CSAT, and forecasted end date *when the “included completed projects” toggle is on

Locating the New Customer Dashboard

Through the addition of a customer object, a new left-hand menu button will direct you to a list of your customers. You can select any of these customers to view a personalized Customer Dashboard and create or modify new or existing customers.

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