Retaining your customers is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Not only is it easier and more cost-effective, but it can also help you acquire new clients and make more money, as loyal customers are likely to spend more and buy more often, as well as refer friends and family. In fact, according to Hubspot, “only a 5% increase in customer retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%.” 

While the benefits of retaining customers are clear, it can be difficult to know how to do so—especially when companies start growing quickly. As businesses adapt to the need for more streamlined processes, a proactive customer service plan can fall through the cracks. That’s why implementing digital solutions—such as a client onboarding platform—can help facilitate excellent customer service while helping maintain your budget and focus on other necessary tasks. 

We’re using G2 ratings to compare GUIDEcx with ChurnZero. Keep reading to learn more about the software and whether these tools are right for your organization.

Distinct Categories

While GUIDEcx largely brands itself as a client onboarding platform, ChurnZero specifically focuses on customer success, including reducing customer churn and increasing retention. Each software falls into several unique categories. For example, ChurnZero is categorized as customer success, digital adoption, and experience management, while GUIDEcx is categorized as project, task, product, and workflow management. 

Because these platforms offer different values to their customers, they can be used simultaneously to cover all the pinnacles of customer service. 


G2 uses data from verified user reviews to calculate a product’s score in real-time so you can decide based on the most recent information. Both GUIDEcx and ChurnZero have the same overall rating: 4.7/5 stars. ChurnZero has 510 reviews on G2, while GUIDEcx has 114. 

When it comes to the rest of the ratings, GUIDEcx ranks higher in four of the seven categories: Ease of Use, Ease of Setup, Ease of Admin, and Quality of Support. This shows that the platform is easier for end users to adopt and provides ongoing customer support to address any needs. Both GUIDEcx and ChurnZero have the highest rating in the same category—Ease of Doing Business Within which they score 9.8/10. On the other hand, ChurnZero rates higher in Meets Requirements and Product Direction.


Overall, GUIDEcx has higher ratings than ChurnZero, making it the preferred option for G2 users. 

Advantage: GUIDEcx


The only category that both systems fall into is Client Onboarding Software; however, ChurnZero specializes in post-onboarding customer success, making them an excellent pair. Here’s a breakdown of how their features compare in terms of client onboarding. 

Customer Engagement

GUIDEcx has higher reviews in nearly every category and subcategory, while ChurnZero rates higher in three subcategories under Project Tracking: Resources, Content, and Optimization. As you can see, GUIDEcx thrives at providing a client onboarding software that would complement areas where ChurnZero may not have the same capabilities—such as Monitoring, Tasks, Customer Engagement, Visibility, Workflows, Templates, Branding, Collaboration, and more. 

On the other hand, ChurnZero offers features such as easy insight into customer information, including customer health scores, profiles, segments, monitoring, and product engagement. The platform also predicts churn risk. 

When broken down into basics, GUIDEcx offers the following summary of features

  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Project Monitoring
  • Task Creation

ChurnZero offers features based on the following major categories:

  • Customer Information
  • Predictions
  • Platform

Clearly, GUIDEcx excels in client onboarding. Whether you’re looking to invest in an excellent customer experience or focus on onboarding, GUIDEcx is a valuable investment. Similarly, an investment in the overall customer experience could benefit from the use of both tools so that no step of the process is forgotten. Not to mention that GUIDEcx also has forecasting project end dates and project automation. 

Advantage: GUIDEcx


Both GUIDEcx and ChurnZero offer a number of native integrations so that you can use the platforms with your favorite tools. For example, ChurnZero integrates with applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, SalesforceIQ, ServiceNow, Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Pipedrive, and more. Meanwhile, GUIDEcx has not only built integrations with tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Jira, and Slack, but they have also made it possible to connect to thousands of other apps through Zapier. 

If you’d like to integrate with another application, the two platforms also use API to connect to, leverage, and share data from external systems. So, not only can you use these tools together to drive home your customer experience, but you can also integrate them with your favorite applications.  

Advantage: Tie

Reviewers’ Industry

GUIDEcx and ChurnZero share a majority of reviewers from one industry: computer software. Both also have experience with information technology and services. Besides those two industries, the platforms have reviewers from quite different specialties. GUIDEcx cites reviews from those in automotive, telecommunications, and hospital and health care. ChurnZero has more substantial reviewers in marketing and advertising, internet, and public relations and communications. 

Depending on your needs as an organization, you may want to prioritize the software that has more experience with your specialty. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry, it may be important to have a solution like GUIDEcx that can provide support specific to you and your end users’ needs. 

Advantage: Tie

Free Trials, Pricing, and Demos

GUIDEcx offers a demo and free 14-day trial so that you can try it before you commit. Moving forward, they offer three pricing packages that all include the first four packages: Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. 

  • Professional includes a customer-facing portal and whitelist options in addition to private internal communication.
  • Premium, the most popular package, includes third-party integrations. It allows for basic time tracking and resource management.
  • Enterprise includes advanced time tracking, resource management, unlimited contributors and guests, and custom options for use. Like the other two packages, all internal, external, and third-party contributors are included. 

For pricing information, GUIDEcx encourages all interested parties to reach out to their sales team.

ChurnZero also offers a demo; however, it does not have the option of a free trial. It provides custom pricing for its software based on each company’s needs and similarly encourages you to reach out to their team for more information. 

Not only does GUIDEcx offer a free two-week trial, but they also break down each of their pricing packages so the customer knows what they would be paying for.

Advantage: GUIDEcx

Overall, both GUIDEcx and ChurnZero provide the chance to improve your customer experience to ensure that you can retain clients for longer periods of time. However, they have distinct uses. While GUIDEcx is largely categorized as client onboarding software, ChurnZero focuses on customer success to fight churn. If you’re looking for software to streamline your entire customer experience, using both of these together could be even more beneficial than only using one. 

Alternatively, if you’re focused on driving customer retention through an excellent onboarding solution, GUIDEcx is ready to take your processes to the next level.

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