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It takes a lot of specialized components to work together to make a car engine run; the same is true for automotive technology companies. Onboarding new clients, such as dealerships, requires an implementation platform that runs like a well-oiled machine—easily engaging multiple stakeholders and tracking complex tasks. Anything less and your onboarding project will sputter and stall.

GUIDEcx is a client implementation and onboarding platform that makes it easy to onboard new dealerships, manage and track projects, and encourage stakeholder involvement across multiple departments and teams.

With GUIDEcx, automotive project managers can invite, guide, and engage even the most change-resistant customer and vendor teams throughout the client implementation process.

-“The GUIDEcx team is always open to improving. Any suggestion I have, they listen, and they give me and my team suggestions, too. It feels like I’m working with a partner, not guiding myself through everything alone.”

— TRACY BARKLEY — Implementation + Design Manager sMedia

Benefits of a Customer Onboarding Software

Improve Customer Experience
Deliver Projects Faster & Better
Scale w/o adding Headcount
See Everything at a Glance
Create Transparent Implementation
Decrease Churn & gain Loyalty

Onboarding Tips for Companies Selling to Automotive Dealerships

One of the first things to do during onboarding is to get a better understanding of how a dealership plans to use your product. For example, if they are purchasing an inventory tracking system:

  • Is the goal to help their internal employees keep track of what cars are on the lot and where?
  • Or do they want to build a more robust online sales portal for customers researching and looking for a car online?

The way they plan to use it should inform how you train the dealership employees. Many dealerships adopting technology are doing so because consumers demand it, so make sure you understand the dynamics and how it will add value before you start onboarding.

The automotive industry has a long history, and, for the most part, has functioned a specific way with clearly defined processes and workflows—a customer arrives on the lot, they talk to a salesperson and test drive a car, negotiate a price and hopefully drive away in that car. In recent years, though, technology has completely changed these processes. Customers may research cars online and arrive knowing exactly what they want. They may have even used online tools to calculate a monthly payment amount so there’s little back-and-forth negotiation.

If your products are going to significantly disrupt part of the workflow that a dealership has in place (even if it is for the best), anticipate the pushback and challenges that come from people who like the way it’s always been and don’t want to change. Design your onboarding to help them easily integrate into the product or service and see success early.

The time from when an auto dealership decides to use your platform or products until they clearly see the value (called time-to-value, or TTV) should be as short as possible. Understanding what they have used in the past, their workflows and habits, and why they chose your product allows your onboarding team to steer them in the direction of success from the start. This can also guide you toward creating measurable metrics that a dealership can use to track their own adoption and success internally during and after onboarding.

Whether you have a bad onboarding process right now, or none at all, the GUIDEcx platform can help you onboard automotive dealership clients more efficiently than ever before. The sooner you can provide them an ROI, the more likely they will enjoy the advancements in technology and the benefits it has for their dealership.

Popular Onboarding Features for AutoTech Projects


Project Access

Users can access their GUIDEcx projects however and wherever they prefer—through the web portal, email, or mobile app—with no login required.


Project and
Task Automation

Work faster by automating communication and other manual, repetitive actions like project updates, tasks, and reminders.

group tracking

Client Visibility

Reduce anxiety and increase project participation with full transparency into project status, next steps, and go-live date.

Powerful, Purposeful, Seamless Integrations

Connect 1,000+ applications to GUIDEcx so you can increase automation and keep projects simple.

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