4 Ways to Prep For Your EdTech Onboarding

By Todd White
Nov 23, 2021
edtech onboarding
The educational system in the U.S. is in the midst of a tech boom. And the EdTech onboarding process is becoming a critical part of implementing useful, lasting softwares into educational programs.
New companies are introducing newer and faster ways to expand the learning capacity of students. Online courses, observation tools, data solutions, and software platforms are becoming more popular and advanced.
The EdTech onboarding process should take place immediately after an educational organization purchases your software. It’s a make-or-break time to get clients up to speed.
Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • Understand your audience
  • Knowing their driving motivators
  • Involve everyone at the right level
  • Create a customized onboarding experience

Understand Your Audience

The education field is demanding. Everyone from teachers to administrators are constantly pulled in a million directions. That means they have to start the EdTech onboarding process quickly to prevent any delays.
Educators’ schedules are far different from typical corporate calendars. They revolve around the school schedule that has holiday, semester, and summer breaks. That means there’s prep time, vacation time, and work time. Be aware of their differing schedules and that it might be difficult to get a meeting in!
Because they’re fast-moving, don’t feel the need to oversimplify the onboarding. The goal is to provide good training so your clients are prepared to use the platform. But it does mean you’ll have to be efficient.

Know Your Clients’ Internal and External Motivators

Educational environments—especially public schools—are accountable to many different audiences. This includes students and parents, administrators, budgeters. Let’s not forget state, local, and federal regulators.
Effective EdTech onboarding also means identifying how these stakeholders are involved.
You might have to show the value of your product to people who probably weren’t involved in the process. But they should be included if they have a vested interest in making sure budgets are spent wisely

Involve Everyone at the Right Level

Sometimes, the purchaser of your software or product won’t be the one to train everyone.
Talk to your clients about who will be using your software and how. This will help you involve the appropriate people in onboarding and training. You also don’t want to keep the technical implementation team out of the loop. Create customizable roles for clients so everyone stays informed with relevant information. Bonus points if you have a client onboarding program that does this for you.
Chances are, your EdTech customer already has some existing systems in place. You may need to coordinate with professional development leaders or others to brainstorm how to integrate your products. This is also where the technical implementation team can be helpful.
All of these roles should be a part of the onboarding process. If anyone important is left out, you can risk confusion and missed information. Also, these individuals can help speed up the implementation process.

Create Customized Onboarding

No two educational organizations are alike. Therefore, you want to customize your onboarding process without losing the efficiencies of standardized workflows and templates. This is essential to help your clients achieve time-to-value sooner. Tailor your onboarding for whatever management structures and philosophies exist:
  • Slow and deliberate to avoid disruption
  • “Move fast and break things”
  • Top-down hierarchy and decision-making
  • Collaborative decision-making with committees and work groups 
A good onboarding process will feel like a true partnership and lay the groundwork for a beneficial long-term relationship.
The wrong one will leave clients feeling like they were thrown on a moving treadmill and expected to start running.
Todd White


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